Jan 12, 2016 — by: Mark Reschke
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ChromebooksAccording to FutureSource Consulting, Google's Chromebooks achieved 51% share in the K-12 educational market. Historically, Apple has long been the market leader in educational sales — which may have been a key factor in surviving Apple’s 1990’s collapse as school districts were reluctant to leave the Mac platform. But today is a brave new world, full of tablets and mobile devices. Laptops and desktops are not what they were in the educational space. Say what you will about Unions and school districts spending every dime they get, budgets for technology are simply squeezed, and Apple is feeling the blow.

Google's Chromebooks offer a near 100% cloud-based experience, for dirt-cheap hardware prices. Chromebooks are not for music or video editing classes, but it would be silly to suggest Google does not have their eyes on a larger desktop prize. In the educational market, Apple has left space under their pricing umbrella, and it will eventually hurt Apple in the education market, if it hasn't already.

Google has its horrifically built ChromeBook brands, but Apple could surely provide an alternate solution. Apple's iCloud is a robust solution, that can provide the educational market with everything the K-12 space needs. Storage, office document capability, and seamless integration with OS X Macs and iOS devices.

The educational market has always been biased towards Apple, provided Apple delivered a compelling, and cost-effective solution. If Apple were to create a CloudBook — void of a traditional hard drive, running an A8 processor, with direct tie-in to iCloud — it could very well be a ChromeBook killer. A fast, efficient, seamless and quality piece of hardware that integrates with teachers and student's iOS devices, and with a familiar interface seems to makes sense.

Apple used cracks in the foundations to enter the educational space and dominate it. Apple letting Google get its feet wet, with zero pushback, is akin to doing nothing when someone is diagnosed with cancer. ChromeBooks need to make only a few more advances, and it could provide cheaper Mac-like solutions to the educational market and beyond. It’s best Apple end Google's game can fill out the tree of products so the K-12 market's foundation can securely Apple.

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  1. Tim Holt ~ Jan. 12, 2016 @ 12:37 pm

    I wouldn't say "Apple letting Google get its feet wet, with zero pushback, is akin to doing nothing when someone is diagnosed" is totally true. Have you forgotten iPads, which are about the same price as Chromebooks. The problem with iPads in Education is that they are impossibly hard to manage. iOS 9.3 seems to have started addressing th problem, but damn, it has taken them 5 years to even acknowledge that they have a management problem. #

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