Oct 15, 2016 — by: Mark Reschke
Categories: Competition, iWatch, Apple Watch, Apple Retail Stores

Gold_apple_watchIf you believe the Apple Watch Series 1 and 2 release was nothing to take note of, you might be surprised to learn that Apple's watches are flying off the shelves. 

Two Guys and a Podcast conducted spot checks this week with several Apple retail stores, and all were completely sold out of Apple Watch series 2 versions (some stainless and ceramic are available), with some Series 1 watches still available for purchase. Apple has a hit on their hands, and it may be the big gift of the holiday season.

Until now, I had never seriously considered an Apple Watch. I couldn't figure out what type of problem/s it was trying to solve, thus I felt any true value was missing. But with recent reviews showing Apple Watch having the most accurate health software/hardware combo in the industry, and Series 2 containing GPS, a dual microphone system for improved voice-to-text, a display that is nearly twice as bright as the original, and the device being weatherproof, suddenly value is Apple Watch Series 2 middle name.

Oddly enough, there is no single standout feature with the new watch drawing in consumers. Rather, it is the sum of its parts that is making Apple Watch Series 2 much more attractive than the first generation. Series 1, containing the same processor as Series two (less GPS) and a lower price may prove popular with discounts at Target and Best Buy come Black Friday. But those buying now, for themselves, they are clearly snapping up Series 2 because it is simply the best connected watch ever made.

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