Oct 29, 2016 — by: Mark Reschke
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Samsung_apple_iphonesAt least half of all Galaxy Note 7 users have switched, or soon will, to iPhones, according to IDC's latest research. This is big news for Apple and iPhone sales. Only 17% will be choosing another Samsung phone, and an astounding 13% were not even aware of the recall.

IDC did not seek to poll future smartphone buyers, but during last Tuesday's Apple quarterly conference call, Apple CFO, Luca Maestri, cited a survey indicating 79% of those planning on buying a smartphone in the U.S. during the December quarter would be purchasing an iPhone. Consumers in the know, or had a Galaxy Note 7, are turning to iPhones in droves. 

Samsung's mobile division is clearly taking it on the chin and Apple's stellar brand and quality product is reaping huge benefits as a result. Interestingly, Samsung owners do not seem all that interested in staying loyal to Google's Android OS in seeking out other Android hardware. Samsung does fork Android, effectively re-skinning the interface, driving their own look, feel and function. Thus, maybe for many Samsung users, moving to another Android hardware maker seems as foreign as moving to an iPhone, so why not go with the next best – or best brand?

Those on the fence between Apple or Samsung seem to have largely swung in Apple's favor. 79% of consumers planning on buying iPhones before the end of the year is a massive figure. If this intention translates even remotely closely in other world-wide regions, Apple may be looking at demand to continue outstripping supply through the end of the year.

Can Apple parlay Samsung's massive product and PR issue beyond increasing iPhone sales into new MacBook, iPad or Apple Watch sales? Samsung has lemons, and right now Apple has the opportunity to make a lot of lemonade.

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