Oct 7, 2016 — by: E. Werner Reschke
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Now that the predictable, yet nice, updates to iPhone and iOS have hit the streets — with great success by the way — it is time to turn our attention to the Mac product line. We at Two Guys and a Podcast have been pretty harsh on Apple because of their lack of Mac updates:

I think you get the picture. However there is hope on the horizon — the near horizon, like as in October 2016 (next month). October is the beginning of Apple’s new fiscal year. All companies, especially Apple, like to start their fiscal year’s strong because it makes meeting annual sales, revenue, margins much easier as the year goes along. In other words a strong first quarter makes for an easier second, third and final quarter. If a business gets behind with sales during the first quarter, it then spends the rest of the year playing catch-up, and often panicking, to make up those numbers with less and less time to do so.

In addition there was this recent email from Tim Cook posted by Mac Rumors about Tim’s love and commitment to the Mac. Tim’s “stay tuned” comment is basically an admission that Apple is not done in 2016 with product launches.


Apple has historically revealed new hardware, Mac hardware, in the month of October and we think this October will be no different. All Mac products need an update. First and foremost is fixing the confusing an seriously outdated laptop lineup. In my view the MacBook Air needs to disappear and be replaced with a 13-14" MacBook model to compliment the current 12" model. The MacBook Pro’s also need updates to their keyboard, CPUs, GPUs, memory and SSD.

The tubular Mac Pro is nearly 3 years old without one update since its launch. The iMac is several years old as well, plus it needs a name change since i+Mac no longer makes any sense in the Mac-centric world for Mac products. And let’s not forget the Mac mini. All of these products need at least the newest Intel CPUs/GPUs let alone other technology enhancements Apple has made in SSD, keyboard and memory performance.

I do not think Apple will hold back, but all Macs will get an update of some kind, which is desperately needed and will provide a major boost to Mac sales to start Apple’s new fiscal year. It will be a win-win. And for this Mid-2013 MacBook Air owner, I really need to update, but until Apple updates, I — like many others — continue to sit on the sidelines until the new products arrive.

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