Dec 1, 2016 — by: Mark Reschke

Netflix_logo_nNetflix, the king of cord-cutting online streaming. Or is it? Sure, Netflix owns the lion's share of streaming movie and TV content, along with their own original movies and series, but is it really all that great? Not really, and here's why.

As a cord cutter, Netflix offered me the hope of watching shows only offered on cable, or a series I could follow on my own timeline, while viewing movies without costly rental fees. In reality, I've been let down in just about every category. 


Ever hear anyone talking about that great movie they watched on Netflix? Neither have I, and there's a reason for it. Neflix's movie selection is sparse, lame, weak – however you'd like to frame it, it isn't good. There is a reason they do not have a section specific to movies, with new releases, classics, etc... because the list could consist of a scant few films, and bad one's at that. The studio's want too much money for their good content, so Netflix floods their choices for you with re-run TV shows. 

TV Series:

Here is where Netflix quasi-shines. But after a month or two of watching what looks compelling, there isn't much left to choose from. And while there may be series you'd like to watch, Netflix may have only one of three seasons, or the following month the series disappears! Netflix attempts to rotate in fresh content, thus their contracts and bean counting is a top priority to keep monthly fees down. As a user, I don't care what their internal costs and issues are, they are just delivering a frustrating experience. I've learned that I cannot rely on Netflix being the ideal cord cutter's DVR.

Original Series:

I was a big fan, initially, of House of Cards. But Netflix's desire be the newer, edger, HBO, put me off with their insistent force feeding of soft porn into far too many of their productions. Great acting, great directing, a compelling story, and then "Ack! Where's the remote to FF!?!" It got tiring quickly. No show, however entertaining it may be, is worth subjecting myself to garbage.


For me, and likely millions of others, Netflix misses the mark in a number of areas, while not being able to provide the most compelling content I'm looking for, which would be live sports. Like tens of millions I'm a cord cutter. I've found sporting events in a variety of ways. Twitter and others are now looking to provide the NFL, and other events to me via the way I want. MLB, the NBA and NHL provide me with league passes via Apple TV. Netflix offers me nothing in terms of sports, which is the most compelling reason people own cable and subscriptions.

In the end, Netflix has become a tiring, needle in a haystack search process in order to find anything worthy of my time. I've given up even looking for movies, instead asking Siri to find me something on iTunes/Apple TV to rent. Netflix's TV show options that have been entertaining, I've either watched or can't find reason to engage in them when only half the seasons are available.

Maybe Netflix has more compelling live options coming, or a new way to deliver higher quality movie content or live network news? Something, anything, I would be interested in?... But as for now, Netflix has rapidly grown stale for me. It's time to ask the question, as I did a few years ago with my home LAN line and cable TV: Is it time to cut the cord on Netflix?

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