Feb 4, 2016 — by: E. Werner Reschke
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Apple Special Event, March 2016We are nearing the one year anniversary of Tim Cook’s spring time special event. In 2015, Cook gathered the media to promote a product developed under his watch, Apple Watch (pun intended). While he announced it and showed the new device off to the world in October 2014, during the spring special event fully reviewed the watch as well as gave us a launch date. At the same event he showed us a new entry to the laptop lineup, MacBook. This sleek, 12" retina display Mac came with stunningly fast SSD, great battery life, a brand new keyboard and an all-new trackpad technology Apple calls force touch.

While neither of these products launched as everyone had hoped, both being in short supply, they were two brand new products. What most did not notice is that during the fall of 2015, Apple had only one special event, when in years past two were common. One event for iPhone and another for Macs. If Cook holds to a new pattern it means that we should expect a special event in March, then the WWDC in June, mostly focused on software, and then a final special event in September.

Apple's WWDC usually focuses on new operating systems: OS X, iOS, tvOS and watchOS. Hardware can show up there, but it is no longer the most likely event to on stage. It is an event for developers and in Apple venacular that usually means mostly software developers (aka app developers). That leaves the spring and fall special events wide open for launching new hardware.

If Apple holds true to form what hardware will they introduce, update or refresh in the spring? Yesterday I wrote about all the possibilities (aka all the needed hardware updates). But does Apple have something more? Are they working on a device like the MacBook that no one knew about and will appear out of thin air? Will Apple reintroduce a new 4" iPhone? Will any Mac get a refresh with the latest SkyLake processors from Intel, which was introduced back in August 2015? How about an update to the Apple Watch? Will Apple refresh that new product line once a year like it does with iPhones?

We are about a month away from a potential spring special event, and already we can think of dozens of needed updates to Apple’s product offerings. If Apple does have such a show, what tops your list of a must needed update from Apple?

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