Mar 31, 2016 — by: Mark Reschke
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Mac_pro_skinnedCall it a sophisticated workstation, call it a silent powerhouse or video editing marvel, but now-a-days, do not call it relevant. Apple has again let its cutting edge flagship Mac Pro tower languish into obscurity due to a lax approach to updating, reminiscent of predecessors. How relatively lax you may ask? Since its release on December 13, 2013, the Mac Pro has had not three, not two, not one, but zero updates — as in none.

The good news, according to financial site The Motley Fool, is that the long overdue refresh may be arriving soon. Today is supposedly the day Intel will release its 14nm "Broadwell EP" lineup. As workstation class chips go, the Broadwell-E looks to be impressive as ever, sporting up to 10 cores per processor, with an overall 18% raw speed increase. But Intel has seen delays with this processor refresh, and as of yet there has been no press release for the processor. Will Intel suffer upon us yet another delay, thus delaying the Mac Pro update?

But does Apple need to rely on Intel alone before they update the Mac Pro? Certainly not. The graphic cards could be upgraded annually, while Apple could change up port configurations or memory storage standards if it chose to do so. Unfortunately for Pro users, Apple lets the market that was once its core fall into a cycle that receives updates only when Intel is ready to deliver a large enough processor update to justify Apple doing the same for the entire product.

Apple’s reluctance to keep their Mac Pro frequently updates brings other questions to mind. How serious is Apple in keeping the video and workstation market on the platform? Will FCP X keep its tortoise-like update pace? And will Apple ever be so bold as to actually update its stand alone display to match the quality of the iMac’s 5K display, and incorporate ports that other Macs can actually use it with? 

Money at Apple is not the issue, but it seems all to clear the company’s focus and desire to stay cutting edge and aggressive with their once core markets is no longer there. Lets see what Intel comes up with, sooner or later, and if Apple will put that weight behind a timely update to once again give us high-end creative types some hope. 

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  1. Josh ~ Apr. 15, 2016 @ 1:14 pm

    It wouldn’t matter as much if Apple simply kept the old form factor for the most part and only modified it slightly. The new Mac Pro form factor is incapable of hard drive and GPU upgrades. The CPU and RAM can be upgraded, but that’s about it. #

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