Jun 23, 2016 — by: Mark Reschke
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Apple_stuckOver the last several months I have more than touched on Apple’s lack of hardware advancements. With WWDC having come and gone without a single new hardware release or update, it is time to take a deeper looking into One Infinite Loop in Cupertino, CA and figure out just what is going on.

1) Apple Car

There can be little doubt about it. Apple is building an electric car, and the company is pouring massive resources into it. The car program, known as the project Titan, it has been rumored the team could cherry pick any worker from anywhere in the company, at any level. If this is indeed the case, expect some brain drain and a few hiccups in other hardware and software areas to occur, if many of Apple’s best and brightest have been thrown to the car.


Apple’s new circular campus, known as a spaceship (or mother ship), is entering into its last year of completion before teams of Apple employees can start setting up shop. Apple’s Johnny Ives recently gave 60 minutes a quick tour of Apple and the newly forming campus. Clearly, from Ives to Cook to anyone else at the VP levels of Apple are giving input and overseeing the finishing touches to much of the campus, if not their own office spaces. It isn’t so much the time (although there is that) as it is the mental and emotional energy being sapped away from Apple’s leadership team on what may be the most amazing building in the world when all is said and done. It certainly cannot contribute to more focus on items at-hand.

3) Macs

Apple’s constant banter of their A-series processors being desktop class is not just idle chatter to fill up product launch headlines. The A-series processor is maturing nicely, and it has become a more than fair question to question when it is going to find itself inside Macs, pushing beyond the iOS world. Apple spent five years with OS X (now macOS), being ported and perfected for Intel processors from Mototorla’s PowerPC designs. If Apple is working feverishly to align a switch from Intel to their own processors, launching with dramatically new hardware, it certainly shows. It is hard to think of the last big Mac hardware update that has taken place. 

There is one last area I hesitate to categorize or even mention, but it is worth a small footnote. Tim Cook. His management style is clearly different than that of Steve Jobs, How couldn’t it be? But with differences comes different expectations. I will withhold judgment through the fall, but if Apple fails to deliver any sort of amazing revisions or new hardware before years end, I look to the top. Cook either will not mind product launches sliding, or he just does nt instill the fear of Jobs firing people in the course of an elevator ride. Time will soon tell.

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