Jul 18, 2016 — by: E. Werner Reschke
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If you walk into any Apple Store looking to buy a Mac, it is like stepping back in time two years — and those two years are not just regular years, they are technology years. In comparison to regular calendar years, technology years have like a 10:1 ratio. For example, this would like be walking into your local car dealership and the most current model they were selling was from 1996!

In most Apple Stores, Macs now find themselves relegated to the third row back, counting from the store’s entrance. This area of the store could be termed “fly over country.” It is not the front of the store where Apple’s valued items such as iPhones, iPads, Apple Watches and Beats headphones appear. Nor are Macs located towards the back of the store where much of customer traffic is found these days, with repairs and help for broken equipment or training. Nope Macs are in the dead zone — the middle of the store.

Why? Because the “current” Macs Apple is selling are old. Very old. Just take a look at the most recent updates to the Mac line up:

Mac mini Late 2014
iMac Early 2013
MacBook Early 2016
MacBook Air Early 2015
MacBook Pro Mid 2015
Mac Pro Late 2013

If you purchase a Mac today, on average its release date is Mid 2014. Like mentioned before that is like buying a car that is 10-20 years old, as “new”.

While the Apple Store may have a not have all the historical Macs from its beginning (like some Mac museums display), the Apple Store is currently selling an array of Mac products that are, in almost all cases, old technology and in need of a serious update across the line. This is why you will find them “hidden” in the middle of the store. They are there, but certainly not something Apple can be proud of.

This author continues to wait for Apple to get its head back in the Mac game and quit treating Mac customers, the most loyal of all Apple customers, as cash cows. Apple can do better, much better, but for now I guess we are to purchase and drive off the lot a brand new 1996 automobile and think we got a deal.

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