Jul 8, 2016 — by: Mark Reschke
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Warren-pointerPutting it lightly, U.S. Senator, Elizabeth Warren, is a bit of a firebrand for the far-left of the Democrat party, and seems to enjoy taking shots at American companies. Why? You'll need to ask the Senator, but her latest statements blasting Apple, Google and others could be viewed a bit differently than Warren would like to present. Ironically, her points could be turned right around at her.

In a close knit meeting with supporters in 2012, Warren gave her infamous "You didn't build that!" speech (you know, around the same time she was also claiming her Native American status), she told a group of donors that companies think they are really hot stuff. "They didn't build that!" Warren said. Referring to companies successes, that built their empires on the backs of government work and everyone else's taxes. Warren argued companies didn't build the roads which their goods and services traveled on, the government did that. Companies didn't have police to keep them safe, the government provided security. And the firefighters that kept their warehouses from burning to the ground, these companies are alive due to government, not the other way around.

I hate to break it to such a genius of a Congresswoman who is a master of pandering to her government-class base, but actually, business did build those roads, along with their employees. Companies do protect themselves and stop the fires. Evidently it slipped the Congresswoman's mind that these companies pay hundreds of billions in taxes a year, as do their employees, in order to reap pennies on the dollar services back.

If Government created it's own wealth by selling goods and services, and then used the profits to pay for roads, police and fire protection, she'd have a "somewhat" point. But Government doesn't, so she has no point. Not even close. It is the businesses and everyone paying taxes in the United States that pays for Government services to be possible. Every business, every individual that makes money and pays taxes, it is these people that provide the government with it's very existence, not the other way around.

I am still shocked, disappointed and stunned, Warren's recent comments didn't get into the facts that Apple used the Internet to gain dominance, which was of course created by former Vice President Al Gore. Nor did Warren mention that it was recently revealed by Democrat minority leader, Nancy Pelosi, that the iPhone was really created by Government. Steve Jobs, that fraud! All hail government invention! It's great knowing I can trust and believe these great politicians that tell me truth... or something like it.

But just remember, the government has come up with great inventions such as Tang and Velcro. Which of course, would never have come about without every company and individual paying taxes to make NASA possible in the first place. Apple has provided hundreds of billions of dollars in taxes directly, or indirectly via its employees, suppliers or third party companies, that have all emerged as a result of Apple not government.  

But really, this was all one big digression, because if Warren gives government claim to making Apple great, then blaming Apple for being dominant is really blaming her almighty great government for creating the monster in the first place! If Apple's great because it was built on the backs of our taxes, and amazingly great government services, then isn't government to blame for their success? Why then is she always so angry at the successes her mighty government created?!

Warren is great at fostering greed, envy and anger in people, and does so via finger pointing, able to stir up the worst of our human souls. But at some point, even tech columnists like myself need to call out the absolutely ridiculous claims of a maniacal nut job Congresswoman. What next, Apple isn't doing their job in caring about the environment?

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