Aug 12, 2016 — by: E. Werner Reschke
Categories: iOS, iPhone, MacBook, Apple Watch

Apple-watchTo my surprise on my 51st birthday my son bought me a black Apple Watch, Sports Edition. He did not pay full retail, but took advantage of deals found on eBay. While I know this fall will probably be the launch of Apple Watch 2.0, it was a great gift for this aging tech-dog.

So now after two weeks of wear what are my thoughts? Glad you asked. I still do not see a need for Apple Watch. But now that I have been wearing one for two weeks, I have found it makes a lot of things easier than before. First off is the taptic sensors that notify you of an incoming text or alert. This is far more convenient than a phone that dings or vibrates. And that is the trick, how do you measure “convenient” in terms of dollars? Let me just say this, going back to the old way, without an Apple Watch would be hard-to-difficult. I am now use to alerts and notifications on my Apple Watch. What could be better is some sort of proximity monitor so that when my iPhone, MacBook Air and Apple Watch are close enough, only one device alerts me instead of all three or two of the three. That would really be a nice “feature.” For example, when my brother texts me I do not need to be tapped on my wrist, my iPhone to vibrate on the table (or in my bag) and an alert show up on screen of my MacBook Air. Just one of those is enough, thank you.

Second, closing rings is fun. What it brings is some neutral accountability to your life for exercise. I no longer run, but walk often and the Apple Watch rings are a nice reminder of what needs to be done to close those rings and feel like I am doing something to be more healthy. Now if I eat a carton of Häagen Dazs afterwards, that’s another story.

Third, changing and configuring watch faces is fun (see a theme here? FUN!). Whether I'm in the mood for Mickey, or a professional looking face or just some big colorful numbers, Apple Watch faces can change with how you feel, and that makes the watch versatile for many occasions.

Finally, there is the cost of Apple Watch. One reason my son got this for me was because he could afford it. It was not $399 (think $400) but more like $275-$300. This has been my biggest gripe about Apple Watch since its release — the price is about $100-$125 too high. I continue to believe if the price of Apple Watch started at $229 the adoption rate would be significantly higher. At a lower price, justifying and measuring “convenience” would be a lot easier for consumers.

Apple Watch is a great product whose retail price is still too steep to justify purchasing one. But if you get one as a gift be extremely thankful, it is a great gift and enhancer to your tech-life. Perhaps with the introduction of Apple Watch 2 this fall, prices will drop on the original Watch, and sales will begin to soar.

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