Sep 29, 2016 — by: Mark Reschke
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Samsung_explodesKa-Boom! Did you hear that Verizon guy, or is it the Sprint guy now?... That's the sound of the U.S. being blown apart, bit by bit, via Samsung devices. Oh, don't get me wrong, I'm not making fun of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, which has already blown up in a little boys hands, set a man's pants on fire and burned down a Jeep Grand Cherokee. Let me be perfectly clear; I'm making fun of a whole slew of Samsung devices.

Just this past week, a Samsung Galaxy Note 2, not 7, but Note 2, caught fire in an overhead bin compartment on an airplane forcing an emergency landing. Of course, it's a week later, so what what other devices does Samsung engineer and sell that could possibly ignite and destroy something, somewhere? That would be Samsung's exploding clothing washers. Of course, there may be a completely logical reason for this.

My best guess as to why the Samsung clothing washer exploded was due to two factors:

  • A. Someone left a Galaxy anything in their pants pocket, threw them into the wash and BOOM!


  • B. The Samsung washer's electronics is built around a Samsung Galaxy something. Result? Ka-Boom!

But I said exploding clothes washers, not washer. That's right, multiple models of Samsung clothing washers are blowing up and tearing apart people's laundry rooms. Scratch the Galaxy in pants pocket theory...

With technology friends like Samsung, who needs enemies? Perhaps we should give terrorists Samsung devices, which would severely cripple their operations?...

Will Samsung's built-in bomb feature begin hurting their brand? It's probably begun blowing up already (oh yes, I'm using puns as much as possible), but what may put a truly permanent hurt on the Korean tech giant is if their Galaxy Note 7 rework also catches fire and must be recalled. And there is evidence that such a problem may be about to explode Samsung's face (told you). A report of a Samsung Galaxy 7 catching fire in China has caught Samsung off guard.

Samsung did not recall any Note 7's in China due ot the fact those batteries came from a different supplier. This points to the possibility that exploding Galaxy 7's isn't a batter issue at all. What if the explosion problem is more of an overall thermal, processor, or overall design flaw, with the exploding batteries simply being the result of the root cause?

Whatever Samsung's exploding Galaxy Note 7 issue is, it still doesn't explain the Galaxy Note 2 fire, nor the exploding Samsung clothing washers. Perhaps Samsung should just swallow their new direction hole hog and bring out a new marketing campaign: Samsung. For those that want to live on the edge. Ka-Boom!

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