Apple_stormApple's Mac lineup has been languishing over the past few years, and their may be valid reasons as to why. Perhaps Apple been preparing to migrate away from Intel to their own A-series processors? Or would iPad's be ushering in a new area of computing relegating Mac's to back of the line? Any number of rumors have given chase as to why Apple's overall Mac lineup has become extremely stale, but it appears Apple is staying firmly Intel for their next generation processors, and thus a slew of long overdue Macs should should be unveiled during an October special event.

Apple is planning a major Mac invasion of new technologies, but it does not explain why this has been long overdue. Two big distractions may have been causing Apple's innovative Mac engine to sputter on 3-cylinders the past few years. 

Apple Campus 2:

Anyone who has had a home built for them has experienced the process from stem to stern. You stop by after work to check out the progress made, or drop in during lunch to see the foundation being dug, or first-floor walls being lifted into place. It is one of the most monumental and exciting times in life. For Apple CEO, Tim Cook, and his entire cast of Veeps, there is no way these guys aren't sneaking over to check out the campus, or the floor where their office will be. Interior designers will soak up their time in making the final arrangements for their work space. It's a never ending process.

The Apple executive team lives at work, and for thousands of employees, the Apple campus is their second home, if not their first! To think that their time, thoughts and creative energies haven't been pulled out of them due to their new campus taking shape is to not understand how this fundamentally works its way out in people's lives. Apple's top guys have been distracted, emotionally, physically, mentally, and it bleeds down into the rest of the teams. It is truly an exciting time for them, as their new "home" is getting closer and closer to completion. They must be absolutely giddy. But as such, Apple Watched missed any sort of annual update, falling into an 18 month update cycle. Walking into an Apple Store is more like entering a Mac museum, seeing products that are virtually unchanged from 4 or 5 years ago. The Apple product lineup has suffered, by no means intentional so, but the results are clearly visible.

Project titan:

Not a single mention of an Apple car has ever been mentioned by anyone working at Apple, yet it's shadow has been cast across the entire company. Imagine working on an iPod or iPhone, and being pulled away to work on a car. Amazing. Sources have leaked that Project Titan has been given top priority across the company, and as such, Titan management has been allowed to steal the best and brightest, whomever they want, from any team working anywhere within Apple's walls.

Based on the latest figures, Apple has 3,000 - 6,000 employees working on Titan, many of which have been taken off of other programs. Anyone who has worked within engineering teams and has experienced a few key employees leaving can attest to how disruptive it can be. The odds of projects being completed on time becomes almost impossible, and when it's top talent that vacates a program – people that are driven, sharp leaders – it can be devastating. If you don't think brain drain has caused Apple to fall behind in their current product development and upgrades, think again. Apple buys companies monthly just to try and fill the slots that need more talent. Despite all the employees Apple has now, it needs more. Titan isn't allowing Apple's engineering teams to keep pace, and it's showed up in slowing upgrade product cycles.

These two areas are virtually impossible to correctly manage, especially when Apple's leadership is in the midst of the Apple Campus distraction. I'm not blaming anyone, I'm just pointing to the realities of what happens in corporations when activities like this are taking place. But good news is finally on the way.

Even though Campus 2 and Titan have hurt Apple the past 2-3 years in various development areas, new Mac innovations are about to arrive and will prove to be huge for Apple and the industry. And who knows, maybe we get a brand new Apple TV with 4k thrown in just for fun.

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  1. Franklyn Moore ~ Jul. 12, 2017 @ 8:24 am

    I don't believe in Apple car's future. The corporation has already passed it's peak, and there aren't so much of a perspective. #

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