Jan 16, 2017 — by: E. Werner Reschke
Categories: Apple Watch


We are just months away from Apple Watch’s 2nd anniversary. While Apple has released new hardware (Series 1 and 2 plus the original affectionately known some as “Series 0”), three watchOS versions and multiple watch faces, Apple still won’t allow watch owners and Mac designers built their own watch faces from scratch.

What if Apple were to build a Mac app that let anyone design and develop their own watch face? I think this would be a huge lift to Apple Watch and allow for the ultimate expression of individuality. Then think about allowing designers to create and deploy their designs to some Apple controlled Apple Watch face store. From professional sports teams to movie studio franchises, think of all the watch faces that could be created by some of the most talented people in the world. Moreover, if the Apple Watch Face App were easy to use, you or I could create our own unique Apple Watch face just for our own personal use.

While Apple does allow you to customize backgrounds and such, this app would allow for complete control of every aspect of the watch from fonts, to colors to sizes to layout — everything. Moreover it would be a Mac app and because of that let real design pros go to work.

Apple should step up and create such an app and such a delivery store in order to make their watch even better than it is today. This app would be pre-installed on all Macs. After all isn't the Apple brand about allowing the individual to express themselves in a unique way? This app sits right inside the sweet spot of that brand.

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