Jan 18, 2017 — by: Mark Reschke
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Airpod_supplyApple hit the airwaves this week with a slew of AirPod TV ads. That's great news, because while I have seen the product online, demo'd them in an Apple store, and now see them on TV, I still have been unable to purchase them in any store.

Unless Apple is into some teasing game, it's marketing 101 that a company never advertises what people cannot purchase at the retail level. Apple's ad campaign signals that the company has enough product to hit store shelves quite soon. AirPods have received great reviews, and Apple pushing TV ads to the masses during NFL playoff games indicates the all-wireless EarPods should be on store shelves within a week or two. 

Am I am being too optimistic? Whether the MacBook or Jet Black iPhone 7 launch, Apple has had a string of availability misfires. It's enough to strike fear in the hearts of anyone who lived with Apple's struggles of the 1990's. The company had an uncanny ability to have products in abundance no one wanted, while in-demand Macs were like finding a fabled white unicorn in a forest. Thankfully, Apple hasn't reached the 90's unavailable products level yet, but they continue to creep closer to history repeating itself.

After trying for a few weeks to see if my local Apple stores had any shipments reach their shelves, I gave up. I just wanted the experience of easily walking into an Apple store (after hitting up my nearby coffee house), and picking up a pair of AirPods. After five attempts in two weeks, I figured this was futile. I looked online and Apple's availability moved out from February 24 to March 7. I broke down and ordered the AirPods online with in-store pickup, seeing how that might work out. Funny thing, that unicorn is seeming more and more real all the time. I may have just spotted one at an Apple store recently. 

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  1. James ~ Jan. 19, 2017 @ 8:46 pm

    "Apple hasn't reached the 90's unavailable products level yet, but they continue to creep closer to history repeating itself." What is that? Isn't Tim Cook supposed to be a logistics guru? Granted in the days of long lines only the lucky few could grab the golden ring, but there was always that chance. Now, Apple is the vapor-ware game for some odd reason. #

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