Oct 13, 2017 — by: Mark Reschke
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Steve_jobs_theaterIf one visit to Apple Park and Steve Jobs theater wasn't enough fun for journalists this year, they may be getting a second opportunity to visit in November. For those who were not invited the first time (Leo Laporte), this may be their opportunity to gain their first-ever access.

Apple's first Steve Jobs Theater event left some wanting more. The Apple Visitor Center wasn't quite ready for, well, visitors, and the ground are still not completed. On the product side, Apple still has more to reveal before the year is over.

During Apple's world-wide developers conference (WWDC) this past June, Apple announced HomePod. This diminutive little super speaker/home assistant is slated to be released before year's end. At the WWDC Apple also announced iMac Pro, which the company has committed to a December launch. Recent speculation has surfaced that Apple is preparing a major upgrade to the neglected MacBook Air, also slated for a year-end release.

Two major products targeting all-new markets and an upgrade to a Mac that's seen amazing success over the years are coming, and at least two products have been stated – by Apple – to be coming by end of the year. It makes all the sense in the world for Apple to hold a special event for such large scale and impactful products. Getting these products in the hands of the media, just before the black Friday weekend – the importance can't be overstated.

If Apple misses this window of opportunity, why they would launch HomePod, iMac Pro or even a revised MacBook Air in mid to late December? It would make little sense. If Apple can't make "close too" Black Friday, it would be best for them to hold off until mid/late January, getting full attention during a traditionally dead quarter of technology releases. However, our understanding is Apple is coming to the media soon, with another invitation to Steve Jobs theater for an early November show. We can't wait.

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