Nov 6, 2017 — by: Mark Reschke
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I received my iPhone X early afternoon on November 3rd, and since that time I've been compiling my thoughts on this awesome phone. I'll have a full review later this week, but wanted to get out in front and discuss the best feature/improvement of the iPhone X right now. 

The reality with all iPhones is that the have all had a massive issue (at least for me), in a specific use case. It's been ongoing for generations of iPhones, and while many have complained, nothing has ever been done about it until iPhone X, which finally solves the problem.

Voice-to-text is fixed! Apple has, finally, moved the dictation mic icon down below the keyboard, eliminating the most frustrating user interface issue iPhone has has since dictation was introduced. Not always, but often, I would be texting or typing along, and boom, I would inevitably touch the dictation icon instead of the spacebar. And if I was in a mode of hitting it once, guaranteed I'd be hitting it over and over again, driving me absolutely batty!

At times, this design made me think of actually switching from iPhone! Sure, I could install a 3rd party keyboard, but that meant downloading and trying out various keyboards, seeing if I liked this one or that one, or, or, or. Waste of time and a pain. Apple has conditioned me to have most everything with their products "just work." Why couldn't Apple just fix this near-fatal flaw? With iPhone X the issue taken care of once and for all.

Voice-to-text_iphone_x With iPhone X's rounded corners and longer aspect ratio display, Apple moved the emoji and dictation selections below the keyboard into the corners, which solved the most annoying, ongoing issue I've ever had with iPhone. Apple and their iPhone X fixed the problem. I am now an extremely happy camper. After all these years of ignoring the issue I didn't see this coming, but it arrived, and it's the perfect solution! Everything else about iPhone X – coming later this week. And yes, everything else I have to say about iPhone X rocks!

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