Nov 7, 2017 — by: Mark Reschke
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Iphone_xLet me just start right off with the ugly. There isn't any. Having used the iPhone X all day and night since November 3, hitting it as a power user, there's simply no ugly about iPhone X – it's that good.

As for the bad? If you think I'm going to say "The Notch" think again. As many others have stated, to which I am also a witness, it quickly becomes invisible in the user experience. It matters not, and I simply don't see it. The notch may be marketing fodder for panicking Android hardware makers, but in reality it's an absolute non-issue, and the only thing Samsung can seemingly make fun of. Yet the technology the notch delivers is nothing short of amazing. The only "bad/gripe" I have is with iOS itself and how iPhone X shows the battery life, which displays as a battery icon only. The easiest way to see the battery percentage is to quickly swipe down from the top left corner, or swipe, hold, and push back. It's quick and easy, but it would be trivial for Apple to add a "view percentage" option in Settings. That's it. That's all I've got on anything bad – seriously!

And the good? Where to start... The size of the display, coupled with the near iPhone 6/7/8 frame size is near perfection. It isn't as bezel-less as it could be, but if more edge were taken away my fingers would likely begin to cover up the sides of the screen. The design balance is ideal. The display itself is brilliant, and Apple's True Motion technology makes scrolling and swiping actions feel as smooth as slicing through melted butter. Most won't know what True Motion even means, or that Apple has 120Hz display, vs 60Hz, but they'll certainly notice it just feels fast, smooth unlike anything else on the market.

Focusing on just the display, Apple's True Tone technology (real-time color accuracy under multiple lighting conditions) works flawlessly. Watching TV, movie trailers or sports, it all looks fantastic and is color balanced to perfection. I've looked at my share of OLED displays, and iPhone X's is simply the best.

Battery life is greatly improved, at least over my previous iPhone 7. Charging it to 100% at 10pm, unplugging, and getting up the next morning at 6:30am, still showed a full 100%. I've never seen that before. iPhone X was sleeping all night long and wasn't 96% or 98% in the morning, it was 100%. Impressive. I then use iPhone X like a pro all day long, and still have 12% before going to be at midnight. 

Apple's speakers are fantastic. Somehow Apple shoehorned an additional speaker, which emanates out of the earpiece. Coupled with the familiar lower left speaker, sound quality can be loud and full. Best speaker solution so far in any iPhone.

I've never owned a dual-camera iPhone, and it is a massive upgrade over the single lens iPhones. Low-light capabilities, dual-optical image stabilization, and 2x optical zoom all make the camera a joy to use. Apple's front facing camera is also a clever tool to add real-time effects to, thanks to the Face ID's technology. 

Animoji's are fun, and yes I've caved into using them. I guessing I won't use them as much as I have initially, but it's a tip of the iceberg of what Apple's 3D technology and augmented reality are about to unleash.

Face ID – flawless and somehow magically immersive.

Power/Speed – Amazing.

A small personal gripe of mine which has been fixed: Apple corrected the iOS keyboard on the iPhone X, moving dictation to the bottom left in the Messaging App, which can't be overstated how great a move that was! No more hitting the dictation button instead of the spacebar!

Lastly, the workmanship and finish of iPhone X is the best I've ever experienced. The mating of the glass to the stainless steel frame is flawless, with a nearly invisible gasket making the joining seamless. It feels like a "display slab" for lack of better terminology, but that's how I would describe it. Like a polished stone that has the entire front light up.

iPhone X is simply the best iPhone Apple has ever made. In fact, iPhone X is the best phone ever made. Period.

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  1. tg ~ Nov. 7, 2017 @ 10:55 am

    the whole point of the phone is the full screen. in order to use the full screen to have to zoom the video which cuts off all sides of the video. you don't think that would classify as 'ugly'? come on, thats a horrible user experience. #

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