Jun 16, 2017 — by: Mark Reschke
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For those wondering when Apple will hold their first event in Steve Jobs theater on their newly minted campus called Apple Park, the odds on favorite goes to a September/October special event. iPhone 8, or iPhone X – whatever it may be called – roughly represents the 10-year anniversary of iPhone. With such a significan Apple milestone, one would think the event would be targeted to take place in Steve Jobs theater, but will it be ready in time?

Construction is a funny thing. Growing up with my Father who was a general contractor I put in my fair share of grunt work. Installing underlayment, building decks, shoveling 3/4 minus into garages, it kept me in shape, but I also learned a lot about construction and the process. Structures of any type can quickly arrive in a framed form and appear to have no further progress for a long time. Steve Jobs theater was a slight outlier. It took time to dig the pit, lather it up with rebar, cement and cover it with dirt and trees. The entry finally took form, and true to typical construction, for months now we've seen it look similar to the photo above. It appears to be close to completion, or at the very least should be completed well ahead September or October. Not necessarily.

As of June 1 the theater still has a lot of work left in it, even for the entrance. Some of the final touches for the theater, such a lighting fixtures, painting, finished carpentry and carpets (I'm assuming carpet for a theater), and a host of city inspections need to take place. One electrical design or architectural mistake could cost weeks in reengineering and rework, throwing any assumed timeline out the window... or in this case, up the escalator and out the glass doors.

If there is one item that can signal a nearly completed theater, it will be the spotting of theater chairs going into the facility. Theater seating is considered furniture, and as such, they are among the last items to be installed before any touch up painting or fine tuning of hanging doors, etc... is completed. If any of those fine drone masters capture a container truck or two moving into the facility unloading theater chairs in August or early September, we will know all is well and the next generation iPhone will get it's long awaited reveal in the grandest corporate presentation hall ever built. If not, count on "Plan B" kicking into high gear with one of Apple's San Francisco locations being ground zero for the next iPhone's release.


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    Awesome insight. Thanks for sharing. #

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