Sep 19, 2017 — by: Mark Reschke
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Iphone_vs_androidIf you are on the fence as to whether you should consider moving from an Android smartphone to a new iPhone, but still feel comfortable in giving away virtually every ounce of your 4th amendment right to privacy, prefer a slow and out-of-date processor (coupled with inferior camera technology), are comfy cozy wth an ecosystem that has you searching for fragmented cloud solutions between computer, phone, tablet and watch, and love selling your phone for virtually nothing every 2 or 3 years, then another Android phone may be the right fit for your future.

But before you tell me that the latest iPhones really look appealing, please keep in mind that an Android smartphone provides just about everything you shouldn't be looking for in a smartphone, and you may even get an unexpected bonus or two, such as a phone that explodes in your four-year-old's hands or a nice bit of malware that steals your banking information. These are all clever and surprising things an Android phone can deliver – at any time. Thus, if this is what you have come to expect and live with, then an iPhone may be a complete shock to your digital way of life. 

Apple released some amazing new features with the latest iPhones: High-end PC laptop performance... Not high-end smartphone performance, high-end LAPTOP performance! Let's continue – Increased security, augmented reality, and additional goodies such as wireless charging, water resistance, stereo sound, industry-leading color fidelity displays and stunning camera technologies, all supported by a seamless iCloud ecosystem between iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple Watch, unmatched by any rival. Of course, reliability, security, seamless syncing and power are all things you'll never touch, but they are there, working away for you every single day, in everything you do. With iPhone be prepared for a digital world that "just works."

iPhone 8 represents pure refinement. Everything loved from the iPhone 7 is simply better. If iPhone 8 isn't selling as well as anticipated, it's not likely due to a lack of interest but because iPhone X is lurking right around the corner. If you are nearing the switch to iPhone as an Android user, you have plenty of iPhone choices, none of which will disappoint.

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