Sep 21, 2017 — by: Mark Reschke
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Iphone_xThere's no question, I'm waiting for the arrival of iPhone X, and apparently tens of millions of people across the globe are as well. iPhone 8 pre-sales are brisk but not earth shattering, and that is likely to mean only one thing: iPhone X is going to be a big, big, deal. 

I've upgraded every two years since my first-ever iPhone, the iPhone 3G. I'm currently sporting an iPhone 7, which means I should be another year away for my next upgrade. However, iPhone X may have changed my two-year cycle, along with millions of others. I have never considered the larger iPhone Plus models until this past year. With ever-expanding unlimited data plans and my increased use of streaming video, I've found myself wanting a slightly larger display to watch tennis, football or basketball while working out on the gym bike or waiting for my next flight. So why not the iPhone 8 Plus?

The iPhone 8 Plus has a fantastic new display, but the physical size of the Plus model has always held me back, and I'm not alone in that sentiment. Now comes along iPhone X with its slightly larger than iPhone 7 frame size, but a display that bests iPhone 8 Plus. Much like Goldilocks, millions of us – at this point – are assuming iPhone X will be just right!

The only remaining question is whether or not iPhone X's edge-to-edge display in its relatively small package is worth the $999 price point? iPhone X does provide the high-end dual optical stabilization camera system, the same solution found in the iPhone 8 Plus, but also includes the new Face ID, which is faster and more secure than Touch ID.

Could tens of millions of decisions come down to the dreaded carriers? Millions of users have payments still left on their iPhones. iPhone 8 has only brought with it a mild battle between the telecom powers, but will iPhone X tempt T-Mobile and Sprint to launch aggressive promotions, causing Verizon and AT&T to flinch and do the same? Will carriers be willing to trade-in and/or waive those remaining fees to kick-start us back into a new 24 month payment plan? Alas, unanswered questions. Carrier programs that are yet to be revealed may hold the keys to when – and if – millions of us will be moving to iPhone X any time soon. Because at the end of the day, few will care about the $999 price tag if it only means an additional $7 - $10 more a month.

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