Sep 28, 2017 — by: E. Werner Reschke
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There are several nice things you can say about the MacBook Pro. For someone like myself who has been using a MacBook Air, circa mid-2013, the beautiful retina display is the first thing that grabbed my attention. I never realized how much strain my old eyes had been under until I got my 2017 MacBook Pro. Wow, and to think they still sell MacBook Airs as “new” computers. It is almost a crime. Should someone go to jail?

The next thing that grabbed my attention was the TouchBar. You didn’t think I bought one with function keys relegated from the 1960's did you? No the TouchBar is nice. I am now very proficient at using emojis in my Mail and Messages apps. From changing volume to changing brightness, the TouchBar does what a Mac should — be different, and yet be better at the same time.

Typing on the keys is really nice. It is far more like using a external Apple keyboard than the MacBook Air I had. The touch of each key is identical and it matters not if you hit on the side or dead center — the keys depress the same. And while we are talking about sameness, there is that beautiful trackpad. It’s pretty awesome, yeah. Big, uniform, light touch... again it does what the TouchBar does making the Mac different and better at the same time.

But my favorite feature is the one I did not buy my MacBook Pro for, nor thought it was a big deal. What is it? It is TouchID. Until you use one on a daily basis it is hard to describe, but first of all it is really quick — I mean touch-boom fast! It isn't like typing a password and waiting or like using Apple Watch and waiting. No TouchID just works and it works really well and really quick. There are many times I need to walk away from my computer and it “locks down” whilst I am away. It is really nice just to touch and start working, not to have to wait for the Mac to reconginze my Apple Watch and spin for 3 seconds or type my password once, twice, three times and then wait 3 more seconds. TouchID makes this machine quite wonderful to work with.

While the TouchBar is cool and nice, the real winner is that the TouchBar includes TouchID. Hats off to Apple for putting this little feature in when they did not have to. Well done. Bravo.

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