Feb 2, 2018 — by: Mark Reschke
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Stop_the_insanityMany analysts and journalists alike are claiming Apple's sky is falling! Versus the year-over-year quarter, iPhone sales fell flat. Technically, sales were down 900k, from 78.2 million to 77.3 million. Thus the iPhone and Apple are now a massive failure.  Android and its fragmented products are just too much for Apple. Everyone hates Face ID and "the notch." Employees at Apple Park are running around with their hair on fire! Give it up Cook, it's over!

Detractors and Apple haters are piling on, and while it makes for great click-bait, regardless of how off-base their titles are, there are other things called facts:

  • Fact: The December 2016 quarter had 14 weeks while 2017's December quarter had only 13 weeks.
  • Fact: Apple's 2017 December quarters weekly iPhone sales rate was higher than it has been in the history of the company.
  • Fact: The average number of iPhones solid this past quarter was 5.95 million iPhones per week vs 5.59 iPhones sold in the year-ago quarter.
  • Fact: 14 weeks to 14 weeks, Apple sold more iPhones at a higher weekly rate than last year's December quarter.
  • iPhone X has been Apple's best selling iPhone since its launch.

Apple is doing very well with the iPhone lineup and iPhone X in particular.

Another factor that isn't likely to be given much consideration is that the iPhone 8 and iPhone X had staggered releases, with iPhone X having initial availability on November 3rd, rolling out to additional world-wide regions all the way through December 22. Had iPhone X been widely available at the beginning of the quarter, Apple would have smashed the 78.2 million iPhone sales figure into fine dust.

No, the sky is not falling. Apple's doom is not near – far from it. Apple's install base of iPhones continues to amass, now up to 1.3 billion units. Once users move to iPhones, they keep them longer, use them more, buy more iPhone halo products and become loyal to the platform. This model isn't changing any time soon. Anyone selling AAPL or hitting the panic button believing Apple's days are numbered – please – stop the insanity.

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