About Us

We are Two Guys who have things to say — things that you should probably hear. And if not, then, well, okay.... that's your opinion. Our opinion is that you read further and listen to all our podcasts. That's it. It's that simple. See that wasn't so hard now was it?

Who Are These “Two Guys”?

Mark Reschke

Mark ReschkeMark is founder and CEO of nTEK, Inc. Grew up in the Pacific Northwest, receiving a Bachelor Degree in Business from George Fox University. Mr. Reschke grew his business roots at Tektronix, Inc. (now Xerox Corporation), was a Principal of the online agency, wrinkledog, inc. and served as a Sales Engineer for a regional electromechanical sales organization. Mark Reschke owns Apple Stock (AAPL).

E. Werner Reschke

E. Werner ReschkeWerner is co-founder and president of wrinkledog, inc. His resume includes work at Georgia-Pacific (Sales, Logistics), Tektronix (Support, Management) and Xerox (Marketing, Management).

In high school Werner was introduced to the Apple IIe. Then in college he used a Macintosh Plus to write a term paper and never looked back. wrinkledog, inc uses several XServes to publish websites and blogs (like this one), as well as create and blast sophisticated e-mail campaigns. wrinkledog also uses Mac Book Pros, iMacs, iPhones and an iPad in the office.

Our Mission

At T-GAAP we have one simple mission: your satisfaction. Because, “We're not satisfied, until you’re not satisfied.” Our commitment to providing great analysis of All-Things-Apple™ while being notoriously entertaining is second to none... or at the very worst, fifth to none.