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Comparing Cook and Ballmer

by: E. Werner Reschke | Nov 22, 2013

Cook_ballmerWidely consider a joke, the question of, “Who has been a more successful Apple employee: Tim Cook or Steve Ballmer?” Funny as it sounds, it rings true in some circles, and the comparison and contrast between the two men is worth thinking about.

Both Cook and Ballmer became the successors to high tech empires that were at the top of their game. While Bill Gates did not pass away, he did step aside from the day to day operations and stayed on the board or directors (he also is the company’s largest stock holder). This left Steve Ballmer in charge of a company at its peak — a company that could do no wrong. At the time of Steve Ballmer's ascension to becoming Microsoft CEO, the company had done nothing more than amass a track record of success and mammoth growth.

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Apple is rebooting its award winning ad campaign, but this time around it has Tim Cook’s signature all over it.

Think_differentApple is taking to the airwaves with a new 60 second ad campaign, focused solely on its brand. Apple’s first brand reboot came in 1997 when Steve Jobs reemerged as Apple’s iCEO and left an indelible mark on the culture of tech, with the amazing Think Different campaign. No products, no glitz, just the impactful words “Here's to the crazy ones...” Apple positioned itself as the heart of the nonconformist during a time when 95 percent of the world was using a Microsoft PC. 

Apple's Think Different campaign rang true to its 1984 Superbowl ad, in which Apple would topple a world enslaved by the power of IBM. Apple’s new “Designed by Apple in California” theme does not harken back to this previous idea, nor should it. Apple is no longer the outsider looking in, but is now the standard bearer by which all others are measured. “Here’s to the crazy ones” has been replaced with the opening phrase “This is it,” while we see a woman enjoying a moment with her music via Apple earbuds on a commuter train. Immediately, Apple is stating that their brand has arrived, that what they are making just works. Throughout the ad the message that all Apple wishes to be and achieve is now being experience throughout the world. 

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Dear Mr. Cook,

I'm going to make this short and to the point. By now most of the public interested in iPhones knows Apple's new Mapping application has some glitches in various regions, and for the moment, lacks integrated public transit system information. I was pleased that you came forward with an open letter to inform the public that the highest levels at Apple are aware of the problems and they are being addressed post haste. 

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Bob Mansfield to Leave Apple? Retirement?

by: Mark Reschke | Jun 28, 2012


John Paczkowski of the AllThingsD stated that Bob Mansfield, Apple's senior vice president of Hardware Engineering is retiring, and that Apple has confirmed to Paczkowski this is indeed the case. T-GAAP has taken a hard look at Apple's Veeps, and there is little debate as to why Bob is leaving... He's just simply not handsome enough. We are guessing the next guy to go would be between Bruce Sewell or Peter Oppenheimer. But really, we are just three guys, thus we really don't know much about guy looks, we are just taking an educated guess here. 

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Steve Jobs Remembered

by: Mark Reschke | Oct 06, 2011

There isn't much more that can be said about Steve Jobs, until his authorized autobiography is released  later this month. If you haven't had time to search and find some articles on Steve, here is a short-list to what we found to be the most profound columns about Mr. Jobs.

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In the wake of Steve Jobs announcing his resignation as CEO of Apple. Inc. this past Wednesday, Apple stock took a $19 plunge in after hours trading, costing AAPL nearly 5.6% of its value. The news of Jobs resignation could hardly be considered unexpected, but would this be a sign that investors viewed Apple as a one-man show or was the after-hours trading a mere knee-jerk reaction?

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Apple Stores to Unionize? Not a chance.

by: Mark Reschke | May 20, 2011

A group calling itself Apple Retail Workers Union picked up some nice press yesterday when they sent out their own form of a press release to some major media outlets. The goal? Simple. Unionize Apple retail stores. The chances of this happening? None to, well, none.

There are any number of reasons why Apple retail stores won't ever form a union, such as Apple's overall pay being much higher than the average mall store (you won't find any Genius salaries in The GAP), and benefits are good. But there are two key reasons any union effort for Apple retail employees will fail. First, Apple retail employees are a happy, satisfied bunch, because the atmosphere Apple has created for them is top of the class. Secondly, Steve Jobs has no love for unions (so it appears). In 2007 Jobs told a school-reform conference in Texas "I believe that what is wrong with our schools in this nation is that they have become unionized in the worst possible way..." Jobs also added "This unionization and lifetime employment of K-12 teachers is off-the-charts crazy." As a result of Jobs public stance it would appear Unions have no love for Jobs either.

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