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Mac mini: Update Due This Week

by: E. Werner Reschke | Aug 04, 2014

Mac mini 2014, Mid 2014 Mac mini

Last week, 9to5 Mac spotted an interesting post on Apple’s website that showed a yet-to-be announced Mac mini model — Mid 2014. This mistake was quickly taken down but not before much could be written about it. The question now is not whether Apple has a Mac mini update, but when Apple will release it?

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Apple to (eventually) leave Intel

by: E. Werner Reschke | Jun 26, 2014


Some things in life are just inevitable. If you eat one potato chip when the entire bag is available, it is inevitable that you will eat more; if you drink often in bars and pubs and then drive home, it is inevitable you will someday get a DUI. If you are in Vegas and on a lucky streak, if you keep betting it is inevitable that the casino will win all its money back and then some.

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Mac mini: Major Update Soon

by: E. Werner Reschke | Apr 29, 2014


It has been 553 days, or 1.5 years, since that last Mac mini update. The current model is dated, and behind a processor generation with its CPU and GPU.

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Apple’s Next Big Thing

by: E. Werner Reschke | Dec 02, 2013

LetsmakeadealNow that Thanksgiving has come and gone in the U.S. (and Canada), Christmas magic is in the air. Cyber Monday is today. Many retailers very survival often depends on sales during the next four weeks — although I highly doubt this is what the wise men had in mind when bringing gifts to the Christ child.

Nevertheless, the world we live in is full of anticipation — for the next big thing. And Apple fans are no different. While we have seen new versions of most of our favorites, only the new Mac Pro broke the mold and gave us something truly new and exciting. Everything else — iPhones, iPads, Macs — have all been improvements on the same theme. Arguably the iPad Air could be considered an exception as it really did make some big advancements.

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“America’s Team” Uses OS X

by: E. Werner Reschke | Nov 07, 2013

Dallas-cowboysMac OS X has come a long, long way. When it was first released in 2001, Apple was struggling to make a comeback. The multi-colored iMac platform had been launched, but it was running OS 9 dot something. There were not any iPods, iPads, or iPhones to help Apple’s cause.

Now it seems you can’t walk into a coffee shop, hotel lobby or airport without seeing someone using a product from Apple. However, more telling of Apple’s success is the comeback of the Mac. It has only been since the launch of the iPhone and iPad that Macs are now appearing everywhere — including being used by the Dallas Cowboys.

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Apple’s AirPlay 2.0

by: E. Werner Reschke | Apr 18, 2013


AirPlay is one of the coolest features found on an iOS device, and since Mountain Lion, on your Mac as well. Of course that is if you have a newer Mac. If you have an older Mac you were out of luck until AirParrot came to the rescue by giving older Mac's the ability to mirror their screen to an AppleTV. While AirPlay is cool, it is in need of an update. 1.0 versions of software rarely have everything people want. Version 2.0 releases add missing features and fix annoying bugs. Following is my list of features and bug fixes that Apple needs to build into AirPlay 2.0 to make it über-cool™.

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Apple's Easy Server Solution

by: E. Werner Reschke | Jul 09, 2012

If you are an IT professional and yet love the Mac OS, it's tough not to have a "real" Mac server in the line-up. While the Mac Mini Server is a nice choice for home use, it lacks the redundancy needed for business applications that can't afford downtime or to lose data because of hard drive or power supply failures. 

Mac Mini Colo - MacMiniColo.netRecently I had a conversation with Brian Stucki, owner of Mac Mini Colo, located in Las Vegas, NV. What his company has done with the Mac Mini Server it is very impressive. While his solution doesn't solve the redundancy issue, he has a nice setup for those who need to colo for a Mac Mini Server. He said the Mac Mini's reliability was great and has yet to see a power supply fail on any of the 1,000 plus Mac Mini Servers he's dealt with over the years.

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They (Macs) Just Work, Duh

by: E. Werner Reschke | Oct 26, 2011

I've been an advocate of Macs since my first introduction to a Mac Plus in dorm room back in 1986. Ever since then I've never seen the reason behind PeeCees — whether MS DOS or Windows. DOS was just plain ugly. I shutter to think if Apple hadn't brought us the Mac, then we'd probably all be running MS DOS version 31 — and would it ever be blazin' quick to see a directory! And then there is Windows. In my mind Windows has always just been a Mac user interface knock-off. Sure Windows improved on some items, but its essence is still a second rate knock-off. Let's not even get started with security woes or viruses (or is that viri?) that plague the PC world.

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Mac Mini Performance Tests

by: Karl Johnson | Oct 13, 2011

The MacMini is Apple's entry level Macintosh. It debuted in 2005 and has gone through many revisions over the years. The current model uses an Intel Sandy Bridge i5 or i7 processor with up to 8GB DDR3 memory.

The Mac Mini comes in three different models ranging in price from $599 to over $2000 for a maxed out server version. The base and server models come with only with an integrated processor Intel HD Graphics 3000, but the mid level version comes with a discreet AMD Radeon HD 6630M graphics processor. For those looking at the Mac Mini, the question is which is the best model to purchase.

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