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10 Items Apple should Address In 2014

by: Mark Reschke | Jan 03, 2014


Apple rarely bricks on software implementation or product categories, but every now and then a few splinters crop up. With the new year gearing up, here are 10 items we hope Apple takes the tweezers to in 2014:

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Apple Gets It With Happy Holidays Ad

by: Mark Reschke | Dec 21, 2013

Apple_happy_holidays_boyIt's amazing really, how one commercial has garnered so much attention in such a short amount of time. Many consider the past few years as the desert of broadcast TV commercials, and then there's Apple, continuing (as cliché as it has become) to think different.

Apple's Happy Holiday ad, launched earlier this week, has seen a wide range of reviews. Criticism of Apple encouraging antisocial bahavior, to rave reviews from all corners of tech community have been blanketed the web, but make no mistake, the ad is amongst the boldest strikes since Apple's famed "Hello I'm a Mac" ads.

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The Maximum Price for a New Mac Pro

by: Mark Reschke | Dec 19, 2013

Mac_pro_pricingWishing for Santa to deliver a new Mac Pro for Christmas? Well, at least the ability to order one started this morning, but they won't be arriving into studios and power users hands until February.

There are two configurations for the Mac Pro, starting at $2,999 for a quad-core system, and $3,999 for the six-core powerhouse. But this is just the entry point for a configuration. We started configuring the high-end model and maxed out with a price of $14,959.98. A Mac Pro or Kia Soul, take your pick. Maybe get one of each.

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The Future of development for iOS and OS X

by: Karl Johnson | Dec 18, 2013

XcodeApple continues to change the game for Mac and iOS developers. First, it was the move to PowerPC. Next, came the move to OS X. Soon after OS X, Apple moved to Intel for their processors. Each one of their changes force developers to either update their product or watch it disappear. The next change is not as drastic, but is just as important.

Developers are facing a new change that will leave old applications in the dust and will result in some developers rising to the front. This new change is universal for all applications. Developers will need to build and release applications on all three main Apple platforms, Mac, iPad, and iPhone (includes iPod Touch). If they don’t, they open the door for other developers to replace them. Universal Applications will be a big enough feature to cause users to upgrade and switch applications.

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What iCloud Improvements Should Come Next?

by: Karl Johnson | Dec 17, 2013

Icloud-logoApple cleaned up iCloud’s many syncing bugs with iOS 7 and OS X version 10.9. Not all of them are gone, but enough to make it reliable. Now that iCloud is a stable solution, developers have been adding iCloud features to their software. As iCloud continues to grow in popularity, users will be asking for more features.

There are lot of features that Apple could add to iCloud. What are the most important ones? Which features will have the most impact on the users? Here are three features that would have the most impact.

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Mac Pro to Arrive Post Christmas

by: Mark Reschke | Dec 13, 2013

Mac_pro_santaIf you are hoping for Santa to spring a new Mac Pro under the tree to act as your new 4K power-house editing machine, fugheddaboudit.

It appears Apple's elves won't be delivering the Mac Pro to market until after the clatter of hoofs and milk and cookies are long gone. Or, at least until Monday, December 30, which can be closely tied to the New Year – the prefect excuse to set a New Year's resolution for better editing, gaming and blazingly fast everything (all in the shape of an oversized soda can)!

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How To Hide Apple TV Networks

by: Mark Reschke | Dec 11, 2013


Is it a TV channel, a network or an application? It is a confusing subject, because technically, Apple TV "channels" are indeed applications by nature, and are more or less streaming networks that simply live in the form of an app.

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Why Microsoft is losing in the mobile space

by: E. Werner Reschke | Dec 04, 2013


Microsoft is on tough times. Their stock price has been relatively flat during the past five years, they've lost their swagger, and outside of Xbox effecting the lives of 17-year-old boys (and those who still act like them), no one outside of stock holders really care all that much about the software giant.

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Iphone_factory_galThe world seems a blaze with Android news, and for good reason — Android is everywhere on almost every type of device imaginable. Android also creates a media frenzy, allowing any business to make news with their shiny new gadgets. This is perfect for sites like c/net and engadget whose lifeblood relies on a constant flow of shiny new devices to talk about. But for all the Android devices roaming the planet, only a scant few are making Google or the hardware makers a dime. On the other hand Apple continues to increase sales of their iOS devices and pull in a stunning average selling price (ASP). and margin. How can it be that Apple is expanding iOS sales with Android dominating everywhere?

Market share and any individual company’s sales are two completely different areas of discussion. Apple continues to grow their iOS world, just not at the same pace that Android has, and is, growing the middle to low-end market share.

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Apple’s Next Big Thing

by: E. Werner Reschke | Dec 02, 2013

LetsmakeadealNow that Thanksgiving has come and gone in the U.S. (and Canada), Christmas magic is in the air. Cyber Monday is today. Many retailers very survival often depends on sales during the next four weeks — although I highly doubt this is what the wise men had in mind when bringing gifts to the Christ child.

Nevertheless, the world we live in is full of anticipation — for the next big thing. And Apple fans are no different. While we have seen new versions of most of our favorites, only the new Mac Pro broke the mold and gave us something truly new and exciting. Everything else — iPhones, iPads, Macs — have all been improvements on the same theme. Arguably the iPad Air could be considered an exception as it really did make some big advancements.

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