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Where are the MacBook Pro Retina Updates?

by: Karl Johnson | Oct 10, 2013

MacbookproThe first MacBook Pro with Retina Display debuted in June of 2012. Apple updated their flagship laptop two times in less than 9 months after that. The first time was in October 2012, and the second was in February 2013. Since then, Apple has not updated this laptop, which was 8 months ago.

The MacBook Pros are past due when it comes to updates. Intel came out with new Haswell laptop chips back in the spring. Apple updated the MacBook Air shortly after the Haswell release, and the iMac line was also recently updated. That only leaves the MacBook Pros and Mac Mini without Haswell updates.

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Android vs iOS, When Winning Is Losing

by: Mark Reschke | Oct 09, 2013


It wasn't complicated. The Big 3 automakers sold fleets of cars, each owned great chunks of market share, and all were amazingly profitable. Coke dominated soda market share, reaping fantastical profits as a result, and Google dominated global share with Android, piling up mounds of mobile cash for over a decade...

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Episode 100: An iPhone, Ron Burgundy and a Dodge Durango! Bored with the same-o, same-o? Need something new to listen to? Can't sleep? Need to stay awake? Well, you're in luck! Episode 100 has it all for you in less than an hour! On our big 100 show you'll hear:

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Apple's Q4 2013 Conference Call

by: Mark Reschke | Oct 08, 2013

Q4_-_2013Today Apple released the time and date for their 4Q (September quarter) audio conference call. The image above says it all, but just in case you need a bit more help, it'll take place at 2:00 p.m PT (that's 5:00 p.m. ET), and it's something else in that middle area of the country (if you need help with that, ask Ron Burgundy, I'm sure he'll know). If you want to bookmark the steam, here's the link.

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Tim Cook and Apple TV: No Longer a Hobby

by: Mark Reschke | Oct 07, 2013

Apple_hdtv2Apple CEO Tim Cook took to the Wall Street Journal's All Things Digital 2013 conference stage last Spring answering a host of questions from Walt Mossberg and Kara Swisher, while fielding additional questions from the audience. Beyond Kara's witty charm and Walt's deadpan approach, nothing shocking came to light. Staying true to form, Cook delivered vague answers, falling back to the idea that people like surprises, but there is one product Cook and crew appear to be taking much more seriously. Apple TV.

It is now fall, 2013, and Apple has likely sold over 15 million Apple TV's since its inception, while roughly half of those units were sold in the last year alone. Notably, Tim Cook never mentioned at the All Things Digital conference, nor has mentioned, Apple TV as a hobby since 2012. In fact, over the past five public appearances by Cook, he has avoided calling Apple TV a hobby, or a product that Apple is very interested in and will simply continue to pull the string and see where it leads. That previous talk track is now gone, replaced with a message that Apple is selling up to 2 million Apple TV's per quarter, and that TV is an area of incredible interest.

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Apple's first Special Event of the season arrived on September 10, unveiling all new iPhones and iOS 7. The next big thing from Cupertino, if rumors prove to be accurate, will take place on Tuesday, October 15, at Apple's Cupertino headquarters, announcing all-new iPads. But there appears to be another event Apple is preparing before year's end. 

Apple is not known for cramming multiple special events into a single season, and technically speaking, the third event is said to land in November, but three launch events for Apple in consecutive months will be an unprecedented move for the tech giant.

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Improvements for iOS 7

by: Karl Johnson | Oct 03, 2013

Ios7Apple released iOS 7 last month with a brand new interface and a host of new features. While there were some download issues at the onset, Apple’s servers soon met the demand for the new OS. There are still a few bugs or errors users are reporting, but it appears Apple is addressing issues at a rapid rate. One update has already been released and a second major update is rumored to be coming soon.

Users are starting to decide what Apple got right and what they need to improve within the new iOS. At T-GAAP we have already looked at the 3 top features for iOS 7. Today we take a look at what Apple needs to do in order to improve in their latest mobile operating system:

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iPad mini Delayed, Not Likely

by: Mark Reschke | Oct 02, 2013


Steve Jobs once emailed me stating "Don't believe everything you read about inventory levels..." Equally so, don't believe everything you read about iPad mini retina display shortages.

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Apple has become a mobile first, everything else is secondary company. The iPhone alone represents over 60% of Apple's revenues, and CEO Tim Cook has a laser sharp focus on dominating the mobile segment with iPhones and iPads, and perhaps soon, wearable gear. The iPhone 5S is Apple's latest mobile salvo, containing a host of new technologies inside and out. Apple has again separated itself from the rest of the pack, but the iPhone 5S is only a taste of what is to come from Cupertino.

The iPhone 5S put in motion technologies that have yet to come to market maturity, but they will be fully realized within the iPhone 6, but Apple has left some big clues on the table revealing what is to come:

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Apple Tells Coke It’s The Real Thing

by: E. Werner Reschke | Sep 30, 2013

Coca Cola LogoIt looks like Apple is now the real thing. That's according to a report by Interbrand which says Apple has dethroned Coke as the number one brand in the world. Coca-Cola was pushed to third place with Google climbing the charts to the number 2 position.

Tech brands now dominate the top ten occupying six of the top ten slots: IBM (#4), Microsoft (#5), Samsung (#8) and Intel (#9).

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