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OS X Yosemite: 8 Items You May Have Missed

by: E. Werner Reschke | Nov 06, 2014


With OS X Yosemite, just like with politics or religion, everyone has an opinion. Some love what Jonny Ive & Company have done to the OS X look, while others loathe it. No matter the camp which your opinion resides, here are 8 items you may have missed that have changed in OS X Yosemite:

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OS X, the world’s most advanced operating system, took some large leaps forward in its latest release called Yosemite. Technology such as Continuity, Mail Drop, and users being able to send and receive phone calls via the Mac, all in a speedy new OS are great advances. But for all of Yosemite’s achievements on the tech side of the house, did it go too far with its look and feel?

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Did Jobs Ever Crack the Code for Apple TV?

by: Mark Reschke | Nov 05, 2014

Television: Ron Burgundy, KX News

It has been three years since Steve Jobs’ passing. Before his last public moments biographer Walter Isaacson recorded Steve Jobs claimed that he had “cracked the code” on how to revolutionize television.

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A 12" iPad Makes Little Sense

by: Mark Reschke | Nov 04, 2014

12_inch_ipadApple's latest iPad Air 2 is the most advanced iPad, or tablet, shipping today. Touch ID, iOS 8, an aluminum frame second to none, and the most mature app ecosystem in the world, the iPad Air 2 is in a class by itself. The competition either delivers slower systems, or an ever-changing interface (not always for the better), and a less than mature selection of apps. But Chinese publications are increasing supporting the idea that Apple will be launching a 12-inch iPad. With the iPad Air 2 acting as Apple's flagship tablet, why would Apple want to introduce a 12-inch iPad?

Apple's main competition in the 12-inch space appears to be Microsoft's Surface Pro 3. Microsoft has continued to bash away on Apple's MacBook Air through its cash laden ad campaign. To-date it is estimated Microsoft has thrown over $2 billion into their Windows 8 and Surface advertising campaigns, focusing more of it's budget on the Surface during the 2014 calendar year. Ads have steered away from the highly criticized Windows 8 software, promoting Surface's hardware features instead, such as it's kickstand, and removable keyboard. But for all of Microsoft's promotion of Surface Pro 3, Apple continues to sell record number of Mac computers. The latest rumor suggests that Surface Pro 3 is going to be discontinued in the first half of 2015, with Microsoft shifting support to their hardware partners.

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Apple Stores: Busy Busy Busy

by: E. Werner Reschke | Nov 03, 2014

Apple Soho Store, Downtown Portland at Pioneer Place

This weekend I had the opportunity to visit three separate Apple Stores in the Portland, Oregon area — including the new downtown Soho store at Pioneer Place that opened this Spring (gallery).

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Tim Cook's Coming Out, A Great Response

by: Mark Reschke | Oct 31, 2014

Tim-cook-appleWhen the world's largest company's CEO writes a column stating he is gay, and does so in a major business publication, Businessweek, one would think it would be major news, yes? While it did make the mainstream outlets, it was not the leading headline, it wasn't a major segment, it wasn't hyped, rather, it was just news. Perhaps the response to Tim Cook's announcement spoke more about society at large than the announcement itself.

A t-shirt, popular in the 90's stated "Love Sees No Color" and it was dead on. Race, gender, looks, political preferences, or sexual orientation, we should all treat one other the same with love and respect, and it appears some progress in that area has been made. Some in the media questioned, or assumed Cook was gay. But whether Cook was a guy, a gal, black, white, gay, straight, or an alien from planet Q, I didn't care about that. I've never understood how that has anything to do with how he runs Apple? On a personal level, I hope that Tim is treated like anyone else.

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OS X Yosemite: New Look - Love it or hate it

by: E. Werner Reschke | Oct 29, 2014


Politics, religion, and you can add operating system design to that list. It seems there are no shortage of strong opinions for these three topics. Now that OS X Yosemite is in the hands of millions, it seems almost everyone has an opinion about OS X’s evolution towards a more iOS look. Go to any message board or follow anyone of Mac significance on Twitter, and you’ll find the words “love”, “hate”, “awful”, “great” in abundance — with lots of exclamation points.

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Tim Cook has lead and experienced a wave of success at Apple. The result? Suddenly everyone wants part of the action. Cook is now being lectured by kooky numb-nuts with money and platforms on how to run Apple. Clearly, these people on the outside, who have done nothing to make Apple successful, know what is better for Apple than those leading it to record setting success.

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Speed-test-carWe just received a note from John Poole at Primate Labs. They have just updated their Mac Benchmarks to include the new iMac (27-inch Retina) and Mac mini (Late 2014).

The iMac with Retina display tops out at 16,315* in 64-bit multi-core mode and the Mac mini at 7,300*.

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The launch of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus can be described in many ways, but all of those ways mean one thing — big success. You don’t have to like Apple or iPhone, but when you see someone using iPhone 6 you are going have one of the following thoughts: “Why is my phone so crappy?” or “I need to get one of those”.

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