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Podcast Episode 78: The One Billion Dollar Podcast

by: E. Werner Reschke | Apr 15, 2012

Podcast 78: The One BIllion Dollar PodcastEpisode 78: The One Billion Dollar Podcast: Listen as Mark, Karl and Werner do justice to the Justice Department suing Apple over e-book collusion, Facebook design & Facebook narcissism, Arizona's annoying law from the 1970's, Microsoft buys for AOL patents for $1 Billion, Macs back into the Enterprise market, Apple Mac growth continues, 15 inch MacBook Pros constrained, MacBook Pros are heavy, Verizon charging $30 for new iPhone if not on a plan, iPhone 4S demand continues to grow 6 months after launch, Microsoft Windows phones sales woes, AppleTV only uses one of the two cores in its new A5X processor, FAA plans to create an App Store for the iPad, and guest appearance by Ron Paul, Jack Handy. All this and much, much more in Episode 78: The One Billion Dollar Podcast

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Apple's Software Update Needs an Update

by: E. Werner Reschke | Apr 09, 2012

Apple's Software Update

Apple's Software Update (second item in the Apple menu) has been around since the first days of OS X. However, it is has grown slow and old compared to the new App Store found in the Dock or Launch Pad.

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Podcast Episode 77: Ultrabook Tom Foolery

by: E. Werner Reschke | Apr 07, 2012

Bob & Doug McKenzie - Strange Brew

Episode 77: Ultrabook Tom Foolery: Apple now gives developers 70% for iAd usage, Tim Cook's real motive is guilt, iPhone 5 - larger screen, arriving in June?, Apple Mac OS Trojan Horse Virus, Nokia's lame ad campaign, China only has 5 million people. Intel's Ultrabooks better than iPad and MacBook Air, An iOS Laptop?, Microsoft's Big Decision. Guest appearances by: Rockwell, Rick Astley, Bob & Doug McKenzie, Dick Tracy, Doctor Emmit Brown, Lurch, Herman Cain. All this and much, much more in Episode 77: Ultrabook Tom Foolery

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Retina Display and Mac Developers

by: Karl Johnson | Apr 05, 2012

 A Retina Display is an upgrade the users can really see. It will be a huge improvement for Mac users as it is for iOS users. There will need to be some big changes in order to bring Retina Displays to the Mac.

The Mac OS will need to be able to support that resolution and it needs high resolution graphics files. Display manufacturers will need to produce Retina Displays in larges sizes. Graphics processor manufacturers, like Nvidia and Intel, will also need to improve their chips to drive these high resolution displays. The Mac software developers will also have to modify their software to support the new display sizes. How will these developers view these new changes?

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What Is AT&T's 4G, And Where Is It?!

by: Mark Reschke | Apr 04, 2012

You may have noticed your iPhone 4S running on AT&T's network woke up one morning and suddenly became 4G device. Or perhaps you live in New Jersey, and you just bought a new 4G enabled iPad and you are cruising along at 4G speeds. Think these devices are 4G, running on AT&T's latest and greatest ultra-fast network speeds? Don't think different, think again, because odds are you never were, and are not, running on a 4G LTE network.

But of course you are, because the device says you have a 4G device. Silly me, questioning a carriers marketing schemes and bringing into question what's really going on. Sorry folks, time to disappoint some of you, at least for a while.

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MacBook Air With A Retina Display

by: Karl Johnson | Apr 03, 2012

The Latest iPad, which debuted a couple of weeks ago, now includes a Retina Display. The pixels are small enough on a Retina display that the user can not see them at normal viewing distances. It gives the user a very crisp and sharp display, which is great for viewing pictures, movies and reading text.

How does that compare with other Apple products? The Macbook Air does have a higher resolution option, but it is no where near the pixel density of a retina display. The iPhone 4 and 4S Retina Display have 326 pixels per inch or PPI. The new iPad comes in a little under that with 264 PPI. Generally, people hold the iPad farther away, so the pixels are still unnoticeable. The current MacBook Air PPI comes in at around 130 depending on the screen choice. The MacBook Air has half of the PPI of the new iPad. Will that change soon?

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Evidence is mounting that Verizon may be pushing Windows phones over iPhones to customers not sure on which smartphone handset to purchase. Whether these are isolated incidents at a few stores, or a nationwide push by Microsoft to force their way into the smartphone war is not yet clear. 

Microsoft attempting to inject themselves into markets they completely missed or believe is critical to the company is nothing new for the Redmond giant. The likely game this go around is to spiff local Verizon representatives with per-handset bonus cash or via weekly/monthly sales totals.

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Podcast Episode 76: iGrill for iPad

by: E. Werner Reschke | Mar 30, 2012

George Foreman - iGrill for iPadEpisode 76: iGrill for iPad: The Three Guys discuss Apple's issuing of dividends to stock holders, the real cost of producing the new iPad, iPad sales reach three million during the first weekend, iPad hot or too hot?, Android development wanes, Apple Safari tab syncing in the iCloud, HP merges PC and imaging divisions, and a brief visit from Barry White. All this and much, much more in Episode 76: iGrill for iPad.

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Microsoft Office for the iPad

by: Karl Johnson | Mar 29, 2012

There were some rumors that Microsoft would be bringing the Office suite to the iPad. The rumor also stated that it would come around the time the 3rd generation iPad was announced. Now that the iPad has been out for a while, we know this part is not true. But that does not mean we won’t see Office on the iOS.

The App Store has many applications that can read Microsoft Office files, but they are not the same as the real thing. Most of them have issues when reading anything more than simple files. Microsoft also makes changes to the file format on almost every version. This makes it difficult for anyone else to keep up. For that reason, many are wanting to see Office come to the iPad. The question is will Microsoft bring Office to the iPad?

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Does Anyone Care About AppleCare?

by: E. Werner Reschke | Mar 28, 2012

AppleCare has been a mainstay and profit center since Steve Job's returned to Apple. AppleCare is essentially an insurance policy for your Apple device should it fail prematurely. AppleCare grew in popularity and its "payback" became even better when Apple Stores launched and there was a real person you could talk to about your particular problem and get a real answer (not just "Well, send it in and we'll see what we can do for you.").

The question though is whether AppleCare is a good deal. Sure you're buying more peace of mind by turning a 1-year hardware warranty and 90-day telephone support into an overall three year support contract. The question reamins does paying an extra 10 - 75% of the original purchase price make sense? Is that a good deal?

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