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Year of the MacBook Air

by: Karl Johnson | Jan 12, 2012

The MacBook Air had a great year in 2011. With a 250GB solid state drive and a Sandy Bridge processor, the MacBook Air became a mainstream computer. It was one of Apple's top selling macs for 2011, and it shows no signs of slowing down.

The MacBook Air will see even greater success in 2012. With such a hot product, Apple will continue to focus on the MacBook with another update in the Spring. Intel's new Ivy Bridge processor and graphics processor will bring even faster performance. What else will Apple add to a new MacBook Air?

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Apple's move from Intel to ARM processors may be closer than you think.

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Newt's Campaign Sports Apple Gear

by: Mark Reschke | Jan 09, 2012

We are unclear as to exactly what Newt's team is charging up on his campaign bus, but it's a wall-mount power supply for something other an an iOS device. Clearly seen, it appears to be a newer version power supply (shipped with the MacBook air). No offense to Mr. Gingrich's weight, but perhaps he's hoping to start slimming down with a sleek MacBook air by his side.

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I recently had lunch with a friend who had purchased a Kindle Fire for his wife. "She's always on the iPhone, surfing or on FaceBook, so I got her a Kindle Fire." he said. His statement was somewhat shocking, but on the surface of things, his decision made a lot of sense to me, in that a larger screen device just made more sense. But I questioned why he didn't go iPad? He had thought of going iPad, but the iPad is $500, just so his wife can surf around and check FaceBook? "The Kindle was just $200 bucks..." he said, so he went for the Fire.

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10 Predictions for Apple in 2012

by: Karl Johnson | Jan 04, 2012

2011 has come and gone. During the year we saw the new iPhone 4S, a major MacBook Air upgrade, the iPad 2, and a minor MacBook Pro upgrade. It was a great year for Apple fiscally, but sad as it saw the death of Steve Jobs.

Now that 2012 is here, it is time to look ahead and see what the future brings. Apple will continue to shine like a bright star as they release upgrades to their top products. The crystal ball shows the folllowing things happening this year.

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Best iPhone Photo Editors

by: Karl Johnson | Jan 03, 2012

The iPhone has a big advantage over its point-n-shoot counterparts. It can take a photo, edit it, and share it without leaving the phone. The big component to this process involves editing the photo.

There are many photo editors in the App Store. With so many editors, it is hard to decide which one to get. This article will answer that question by picking the top three photo editors for the iPhone.

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Happy New Year!

by: Karl Johnson | Dec 31, 2011


Happy new year to all those in the Apple online world! It should be a great year for Apple.

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Best iPhone Games for 2011

by: Karl Johnson | Dec 29, 2011

The iPhone is a great gaming device. Whether one has a minute to kill waiting in a line or an hour on an airplane, there is always a game to play. Games range from quick and easy to use to hardcore.

A lot of games come and go, but the best games are the ones that stand the test of time on the iPhone. The top five games that stay on my iPhone are:

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Best Panoramic Application for the iPhone

by: Karl Johnson | Dec 28, 2011

Smart-phones have been replacing point-n-shoots as the main camera for most people. The iPhone is the most popular smart-phone and has one of the best cameras. The camera is even more useful with the applcations in the App Store.

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Apple, T-GAAP and You: A Merry Christmas

by: Mark Reschke | Dec 25, 2011

We want to thank you for making T-GAAP part of your Apple online world. Without Apple, our passion, and yours, T-GAAP wouldn't exist. Thank you!

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