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5 Best iPhone Applications

by: Karl Johnson | Dec 23, 2011

The iPhone has been one of the hottest selling consumer devices in recent history. Apple has continued this trend with the iPhone 4S as more and more consumers are switching to Apple's iconic device.

There are many applications in the App Store and finding the best ones can be overwhelming for new users. There are tons of applications not worth buying, but there are also many that make the iPhone even more useful. The Top 5 must have applications for the iPhone are:

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Best Camera App for the iPhone

by: Karl Johnson | Dec 22, 2011

Many people have given up their point-n-shot cameras for the camera that is always with them, the iPhone. The iPhone has become the top camera on photo sharing sites like Flickr and Facebook.

Many developers have created their own camera applications to take full advantage of the iPhone camera. With so many camera applications in the App Store, it is hard to decide which ones are the best to buy. Are any of these really worth it or is the best one already on the iPhone?

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What Google’s Deal with Mozilla Tells Us

by: E. Werner Reschke | Dec 21, 2011

In November 2011, Mozilla's arrangement with Google — to make Google the default search engine and home page when launching the open-source browser — came to an end. The relationship was renewed for another three years for an estimated couple hundred million dollars. The fact that Google still needs to (and is willing to) pay Mozilla for mind-share indicates three things about the "State of the Google" as we head into 2012:

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Erik Schmidt, former CEO and now Chairman of Google, proudly announced that within 6 months, "We [Google] in the next six months plan to market a tablet of the highest quality." Translation can be found here from the Italian site

On the surface it would appear that Google is going to compete with its recently acquired Motorola Mobility division, which also manufactures tablets that use Google's Android OS. In reality, the forthcoming product (along with Schmidt's initial announcement) should be viewed as nothing more than hype for Google's latest Android 4.5/5.0 tablet OS, due to hit the market in the June time frame.

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The idea's a great one. Go to Apple's website after 9 PM, select an iPhone, carrier of choice, and reserve it for pickup the next day. Just one hiccup. It doesn't work.

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Google Needs User Interface Design Help

by: Karl Johnson | Dec 15, 2011

 Google's biggest weakness has always been their user interface design. They may be good programmers, but they just can't design a decent interface. From Android to Gmail, the interfaces are blocky, plain and waste too much screen space.

Google has been revamping most of their web service interfaces lately and things have gone from bad to worse. Google's Reader takes up even more space than it did before. For those Mac users that agree, there are a few applications that can help.

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The iPod accessory market is huge and very profitable. Most of the market is based on the docking connector or cable. Those docking stations were nice when it was an iPod. Now, as the iPhones replace iPods, that same connector is a pain because users do not want to leave their phone in one spot.

That is all changing with the release of AirPlay and Bluetooth 4.0. These two technologies will make manufacturers very happy, as users replace their old docking station setups with new wireless versions.

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Netflix has been a huge streaming success story and has been the chief rival to Apple's so-called hobby, Apple TV. But everything may be about to change. According to Barrons report, Verizon is setting its sites on acquiring Netflix or perhaps even Coinstar (which owns the DVD RedBox rental kiosk business). Verizon acquiring either would be a boon for Apple, as the takeover would likely occur in the timeframe Apple launches its own HDTV with integrated offerings.

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Analysts have been coming out of Cupertino lately, ratcheting up their iPhone sales figures. The Street predicts roughly 29 million iPhones will be sold for the quarter, while AT&T's CEO recently commented on seeing a record number of iPhone sales for the December quarter being highly likely.

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Podcast Episode 67: Hick-up

by: E. Werner Reschke | Dec 09, 2011

Podcast Episode 67: Hick-up. The Three Guys (Mark, Karl and Werner) discuss Mac OS X 10.7.3 reveal drivers for possible update to Mac Pro line, Ivy Bridge processors for new MBA and MBPs, Quad Core CPUs for iPhone, 720p for iPhone, Windows 8, Microsoft's big, big problem, porting Office to iOS, Gene No Lines Munster claims sizes of new Apple TVs and HTC sales down 30%. All this and much, much more in Episode 67: Hick-up.

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