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A Short Life for iPad Wanna-be's

by: Mark Reschke | Aug 05, 2011

The latest cell phone market share figures should have tablet makers quaking in fear of what Apple may do to them once iPad 3 arrives. Currently, Apple is sucking all the profits out of the market. Moreover, many of Apple's competitors have taken their best stab at iPad by flooding the channel, but with weak sell-though results (just ask Samsung, HP or RIM how tablets are working out).

The latest figures peg Apple's global tablet market share at 61.3%. Like with iPhone vs Android phones, we saw Android quickly race out ahead in deployment numbers, which are flattening out or starting to work back in Apple's favor. New numbers for the iPhone comes from BTIG analyst Walter Piecyk, predicting up to 30 million iPhones could be sold in the September quarter. If iPhone sales are poised for this absolute explosion, what will halo effect be for iPads vs the rest of the pack?

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Unlike the Mac, Windows lets applications install files all over the system and program folders. The result of Windows allowing apps to install files or DLLS in many locations is it can wreck havoc with operating system stability. Apple has a better approach.

OS X confines application files to the application, system's library, and user's library folders. Some application preferences are system wide and others are specific to a certain user (which is why there are two library folders), but hints in OS X Lion suggest things are about to change.

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App of the Week: Catan for the iOS

by: Karl Johnson | Aug 03, 2011

This week's "App of the Week" is Catan By USM. Catan is available as separate downloads for both the iPhone and iPad. Both versions are $4.99 with an expansion pack costing $3.99. The game was updated recently with better graphic options and faster game play.

The Settlers of Catan is a fun and relaxing strategy game to play against the computer or with the family. I have played this game more than any other on the iOS this summer. Both of my elementary age kids love to play and watch me play it as well. If you never heard of this game, you have to give it a try.

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Apple doesn't have partners, they have suppliers. But when Apple entered the cell industry it had no choice but to enter into partnership agreements with AT&T and others across the globe. Don't confuse necessity with anything Jobs and company are happy with, as Apple is setting course to go nuclear with its pernicious carriers.

Until now, the iPhone has been built with the philosophy of design elegance and overall quality. Apple has been able to work this way due to the business model being focused on subsidized products, hidding the true costs of iPhones into two-year contracts. But Apple's forthcoming iPhone 5 launch promises to change this model and the way we purchase iPhones.

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Podcast: Episode 55

by: Mark Reschke | Jul 30, 2011

Karl Johnson opens his new MacBook air - on air. Mark's wedding anniversary? Lion, Apple stores in China and much more. 

Episode 55: 1997

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Microsoft recently released an upgrade to their WIndows Mobile Phone Line: Windows Mobile Phone 7.5 —codenamed 'Mango'. Besides another lame codename by Microsoft (Longhorn, Mojave and Birch to name a few), Windows Mobile 7.5 is aiming to relaunch Microsoft's dominance in the mobile phone space... Sounds like something from Microsoft's Redundancy Department.

But is this enough to catch iPhone or Android? Moreover, is it too late?

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Netflix Opens the Door For the Competition

by: Karl Johnson | Jul 28, 2011

 By using up to 30% of the Internet's Bandwidth, Netflix has become the place to watch movies and TV shows online. They have the largest movie catalog available online with the best prices. Yet, is Netflix opening the door to defeat?

In the past when users subscribed to Netflix, they would get 1,2, or 3 DVDs at a time with unlimited online movies and videos. Recently, Netflix announced new subscriber plans that essentially broke up their two main services. The change has caused a major backlash from its users, as it greatly increases the monthly subscription price. Will Netflix be able to weather the storm, or is this the beginning of the end for them?

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How many times have I heard the statement "If only AAPL were such and such a price, I would have invested... But it's too high now, so I can't." Spare me the details, it's an old and tried diatribe I've been hearing for the past 10+ years. If you are an individual stock investor, invest in the tech industry and have never purchased a lick of Apple, what's been holding you back from investing in Apple, Inc.?

On January 21, 2000, Apple stock took a 2:1 split, trading at $26 per share. Steve Jobs had rebuilt the company's financials, slashed business units and simplified the product line, delivering a focused Think Different campaign. If you were too young at the time or didn't yet understand that Steve Jobs had a successful vision for company, I can grant one mulligan. But for you investors, beyond that point there is simply no excuse.

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OS X Lion — A few of my favorite things

by: E. Werner Reschke | Jul 21, 2011

OS X Lion is here! And it arrived on my birthday (a great birthday present I think). Normally my OS upgrade strategy is to wait a week or two before installing to watch and see if there are any horror stories that might come my way. But being my birthday, I splured and took the plung at around 6:00pm Pacific Time this evening.

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