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Will A 64-bit Final Cut Pro 8 Emerge?

by: Mark Reschke | Dec 06, 2011

With the dust settling on Final Cut Pro X, with both its detractors and supporters alike, a recent report shed some light that 64-bit Final Cut Pro 8 was ready to roll, but the decision was made to leave it on the cutting room floor and break ties with traditional editing solutions and deliver a new direction. Apple's goal in Final Cut X was clear: Jobs philosophy to skate to where the puck is going to be, not where it is now, would rule the day.

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Why Apple Must Rethink Their Server Strategy

by: E. Werner Reschke | Dec 05, 2011

A recent article by titled, "Apple in the Enterprise: Breaking Microsoft's Grip", makes the keen observation that Microsoft is starting to lose their dominant grip in the corporate space. Apple's iPhone and iPad are breaching corporations the same way that Research In Motions Blackberry's did — through the Sales & Marketing Door. iPad's and iPhone's work well on most corporate networks, so it's been difficult for the IT department to prohibit the use of iOS devices within sales and marketing groups. The result has been an explosion of Apple's iOS devices being used in Microsoft's seemingly impenetrable fortress: corporate environments.

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Apple's Perfect Timing For iTV

by: Mark Reschke | Dec 02, 2011

Nielson Reports issued shocking numbers yesterday: TV ownership is set to decline for the first time since 1970, which marks the first time since Nielson started tracking this data. An initial reaction would be to blame the economy for such a depressing year in television sales. However, get beyond the simple reasons for the decline and a different story emerges. And with that different story, Apple is set to enter a market that isn't in decline, but in transformation mode. Apple is once again skating to where the puck is going to be, not where it is.

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Improving iCal with QuickCal

by: Karl Johnson | Dec 01, 2011

Apple’s iCal has been greatly improved with the iCloud service. Users can now sync their To Do lists and calendars across multiple Macs and iOS devices for free. This simplifies and makes it easier to manage one’s life. Yet, iCal is slow at handling multiple calendars and To Do lists.

iCal makes adding non-default items to calendar events or To Do items difficult. One has to change the calendar or list after it has been created, which greatly slows down the process. This builds a big enough barrier to prevent iCal from being useful in everyday life, like grocery lists and tasks around the house. But here is a solution.

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Podcast Episode 66: Upstream Players

by: E. Werner Reschke | Nov 30, 2011

Podcast Episode 66: Upstream Players. The Three Guys (Mark, Karl and Werner) discuss that Apple allows a Tethering app, the top 5 websites visited on Black Friday, Apple Store sales setting records, HTC cuts forecast 23%, expects sales to shrink, Microsoft exec: Siri is nothing special, we’ve had it for over a year, Apple new MacBook Air series to compete with ultrabooks in 2012 Q1, Amazon Kindle sales jump 4X year to year, Kindle Fire leads and Best Buy: Playbook out of stock due to high demand after $300 price drop. All this and much, much more in Episode 66: Upstream Players.

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Note: This list is inspired by two great forces: David Letterman and Napoleon Dynamite

10. All of your product names all begin with "Microsoft".
9. Your company also builds fantastic refrigerators.
8. Napoleon Dynamite thinks your products have skills.

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An Apple Explosion In The Making

by: Mark Reschke | Nov 28, 2011

Apple's stock price is off over 10% in as little as one months time. Aiding the slide, DigiTimes has reported that Apple has slashed (yes, slashed) component orders for iPhone, and Apple can't keep iPhones in stock, possibly due to supply shortages. To top it off, Kindle Fire is now out in the market for only $199, backed with amazing hype. Does this mean the end of Apple is near? Should everyone "Repent Now" from Apple?!

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Apple's January Special Event: iPad 3

by: Mark Reschke | Nov 25, 2011

Bloomberg recently created a buzz about a forthcoming Apple HDTV, in conjunction with Sharp Electronics. But this is not where the immediate attention should be focused. Our information points towards a Tuesday, January 25 Apple's Special Event from Apple.

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Podcast Episode 65: Phasers Set On Whimsical

by: E. Werner Reschke | Nov 23, 2011

Episode 65: Phasers Set on Whimsical

Podcast Episode 65: Phasers Set on Whimsical. The Three Guys (Mark, Karl and Werner) discuss the Adobe's Creative Cloud, Adobe killing Mobile-Flash development, Microsoft's CEO Steve Ballmer denies that we ever left the Windows era, RIM to make Blackberry's Whimsical in 2012, and ARM's new CPU promises to increase performace 10x. All this and much, much more in Episode 65: Phasers Set on Whimsical.

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Adobe Changes Its Upgrade Policy

by: Karl Johnson | Nov 23, 2011

Adobe customers could previously upgrade their Creative Suite from three versions back. So customers could upgrade to Create Suite(CS) 5, from CS 4, CS 3, and CS 2. Many customers either can't afford or don't want to spend the extra cash to upgrade every version. These customers usually upgrade CS every other or every third update. That will all change with Creative Suite 6.

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