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AAPL Ready to Jump?

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From the days of ThinkSecret or macOSrumors, to today's AppleInsider or MacRumors, Apple Inc. has always had a great rumor mill following, and quite often where there has been smoke we have seen fire. The constant drumbeat of rumors surrounding the MacBook air is nearly off the charts - or so it would seem.

Virtually every day brings forth a new MacBook air rumor. But many sites are conducting mere re-broadcasts of original information, making it appear as fresh information. Thus, we wanted to go back to the sources of these rumors and build a comprehensive list of original sources.

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iPhoneAccording to a report by All Things D, Apple's iPhone is now the best selling smartphone for Verizon and AT&T.

To that we say a big, collective, DUH! Add in the revelation that T-Mobile (a non-authorized iPhone carrier) now admits they have over one million unlocked iPhones on their network!

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by: E. Werner Reschke | Jun 22, 2011

RIP RIMWhile Apple has been enjoying a financial boom during this down economy (selling more Macs, more iPhones and more iPads) it seems like living in an alternate universe when talking about Research In Motion.

If it wasn't bad enough that RIM's revenue fell more than 12% for Q1 (ending May 28th) or that the Playbook has been a major dud (how's that QNX operating system working out for ya?), it looks like now even the rats are abandoning ship.

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Motion and Compressor get the X treatment

by: Mark Reschke | Jun 21, 2011
Apple Store Update

Today Apple made good on their June promise by making Final Cut Pro X (FCP X) available for download. Apple delivered a sneak peak of FCP X back in April, but the company was very mum about Final Cut's complimentary applications, and gave little indication if they would be included in some form of FCP Studio suite, sold separately, or removed from Apple's lineup altogether.

Apple has answered the questions in full today. Motion 5 and Compressor are sold separately via the Mac App Store for $49.99 each. Own a Mac, spend $100 and you have two professional tools at your fingertips. Amazing. Final Cut Pro X is also available via the Mac App Store for $299.99.

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Why We Must Wait For New Hardware

by: E. Werner Reschke | Jun 20, 2011
Mac OS X Lion, Mac OS X 10.7

According to Apple Insider, Apple won't be shipping any new Macs until Mac OS X Lion is available. The rationale is that "Apple management is so pumped up over the advantages presented by its forthcoming Mac OS X Lion operating system that the company has been holding back the release of at least one new Mac refresh until the software is finalized". In addition, Computer World reported that Apple has announced all new Macs purchased after June 6, 2011 will receive a free OS X Lion upgrade.

The reason we must wait for new hardware — the spin goes — is because Apple is so excited about Lion its holding back hardware releases, we think there may be more of a practical side to this decision.

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Podcast: Episode 54 – Unionize This

by: E. Werner Reschke | Jun 18, 2011

With Guy #2 on assignment, Mark & Werner carry on without by providing a quick and witty analysis of the post-WWDC world we find ourselves in.

This podcast is brief and weighs in at just over 30 minutes — just the right length for a quick work out, mid-day nap, reading a chapter in a Vince Flynn novel or half of a Miami VIce episode. Start listening >

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There are many good applications for digital painting on the Mac and Pixelmator and Photoshop are just two of them. Both offer the core tools needed for digital painting. Digital painting used in many areas like 3D surfacing, story boarding, concept art, and matte painting.

In this, my fifth and final comparison between Photoshop and Pixelmator, I will compare Photoshop and Pixelmator for digital painters and see if an other applications might be better suited. I will also give my conclusions on comparing Pixelmator to Photoshop.

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Most professionals in the print industry use Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign. Each application servers a different purpose. Pixelmator was not designed to compete with them, but that does not mean it can’t be used for print use.

Print work takes on many different forms and Pixelmator can easily fit into many workflows. Does Pixelmator have all the tools required for print work? Let’s look and see.

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AAPL: Valuation Set to Bounce Back?

by: Mark Reschke | Jun 16, 2011

If you own Apple (AAPL) stock or are considering doing so, but are not sure when's a good time to get in, this video is a must-see. Michael Holland isn't flashy, nor does he bring anything revolutionary to the table, but his sticking point is AAPL valuation is incredibly low and it can't stay there forever.

AAPL closed the market Wednesday at $326.75 with a intraday market cap of only $302.16b. AAPL is also carrying a forward looking P/E ratio of only 11. These figures for AAPL are starting to become a fixture to the stock, and they are absurdly low. What is Apple going to bring to the earnings table next quarter? There are some sparks out in the analyst world that suggest it will be another above and beyond quarter, but will another strong quarter push Apple's stock price north or leave it in purgatory?

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Photographers have a different set of features that they require in their main application. Adobe tried to support this with Adobe Bridge in Photoshop and although some like it, most find it very slow and difficult to use. To answer the needs of digital photographers, Adobe, Apple and others stepped up to create an application dedicated to photography. Applications like iPhoto, Aperture and Lightroom have become the digital hub for photographers.

iPhoto has a very limited set of editing tools and is mainly used to organized photos. Aperture and Lightroom, on the other hand, have many more powerful tools to quickly edit and manage photos. When it comes time to really manipulate a photo, these applications don’t have the tools that Photoshop and Pixelmator have. This article will mainly compare image editing and manipulation tasks in Pixelmator and Photoshop.

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