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Apple's 5th Avenue Class – And Glass

by: Mark Reschke | Nov 04, 2011

Does anyone question Steve Jobs' extreme pursuit of perfection? The new glass, unveiled today at Apple's 5th Avenue store in Manhattan, only serves to underscore how different Apple approaches, well, everything. But it also delivers a subtle message to their competition: Don't think for a moment you can fake being us, because you can't. 

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Analyst Gets It Wrong About Apple... Again

by: E. Werner Reschke | Nov 03, 2011

Analysts are an interesting breed. They are paid to give their opinion on what the future will hold for a particular company or industry. However, often times they don't know what they are talking about or don't know their subject matter well enough to get it right. Think of an analyst like the local TV weatherperson. They may know about the weather and how high pressure relates to low pressure, but with all their knowledge, they keep their job as long as they're entertaining, not whether the forecasts are completely accurate.

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Video Streaming Performance Comparison

by: Karl Johnson | Nov 02, 2011


Watching video online has become main-stream as more people have broadband Internet access. Most of the networks offer video streaming services for some of their content. Yet, not all video streaming services are created equal.

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Did Jobs Copy Star Trek?

by: E. Werner Reschke | Nov 01, 2011

Steve Jobs was an amazing visionary... or was he? If you think about it, the senior managers at Infinity Loop may just have been great fans of Star Trek. For example, we all thought the touch interface used on the iPhone and iPad was revolutionary. But you don't have to look far to see this was really just a copy-cat of something envisioned in the 80's...

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Making Terminal Fast Again

by: E. Werner Reschke | Oct 31, 2011

For those who use OS X at its core level (UNIX, aka Darwin), a very handy utility is the is a quick way to drop down to the UNIX level of the operating system and perform some deep level coding. Or it can also be a way to navigate around the operating system if point-and-click isn't your thing.

With Lion got a few cool features, one of which is making windows blur when in the background. This is especially handy when you have multiple windows open at the same time, but want to focus on one. However, there seems to be a drawback to Lion's version of and that is Lion's Auto Save feature.

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Podcast Episode 62: iPhone Worth Every Penny

by: E. Werner Reschke | Oct 29, 2011

Podcast Episode 62: iPhone Worth Every Penny. The Three Guys (Mark, Karl and Werner) discuss the autobiography of Steve Jobs, and the idea of Apple coming out with their own HDTV. What was Jobs up to with his pre-announcment/leak of such a product? Microsoft comes out with yet another horrific future ad, and much more in Episode 62: iPhone Worth Every Penny.

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It has been difficult for travelers looking for good Internet access on the road. It was once hard to find a Wi-Fi connection, since most hotels only had an ethernet port. However, times have changed as most hotels have decided to add Wi-Fi hot-spots. The issue is no longer Wi-Fi access, but Wi-Fi service. It can be very frustrating for travelers who find a very poor or nonexistent Internet service at a hotel that advertises "High-Speed" Bandwidth. Some are starting to blame the iPad.

In a recent New York Times article, iBAHN, an Internet provider for hotels and the meeting industry blames iPads for poor Wi-Fi service at hotels. They say the iPad consumes more than four times the amount of bandwidth than an average smart-phone. But is this the whole story?

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Start the countdown, because the next TV you are likely to buy, or want to buy, is going to be made by Apple. And it isn't just because this TV has some elegant design and brilliant looking screen, it'll be because the interface and content that comes right out of the box, and the way in which you control it, is going to blow you away.

Jobs Says So
The question isn't if, it's just a matter of when Apple's holistic television solution will arrive. Steve Jobs said as much in his autobiography, and his "I finally cracked it" comment and additional color on the topic, may be the only time during Jobs reign at Apple that he leaked a single grain of data about a forthcoming product. Don't think this is Jobs throwing in the towel or not caring because he was leaving us. On the contrary, this is perfect Steve Jobs start-the-hype stuff. It's all about the mystery and creating a pent-up demand for something we don't know we even want – yet. Jobs delivered a glimpse into Pandora's box, but since he's gone, we can't dig deeper, and since it didn't officially come from Apple don't count on Cook and company rapping eloquently about this any time soon.

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They (Macs) Just Work, Duh

by: E. Werner Reschke | Oct 26, 2011

I've been an advocate of Macs since my first introduction to a Mac Plus in dorm room back in 1986. Ever since then I've never seen the reason behind PeeCees — whether MS DOS or Windows. DOS was just plain ugly. I shutter to think if Apple hadn't brought us the Mac, then we'd probably all be running MS DOS version 31 — and would it ever be blazin' quick to see a directory! And then there is Windows. In my mind Windows has always just been a Mac user interface knock-off. Sure Windows improved on some items, but its essence is still a second rate knock-off. Let's not even get started with security woes or viruses (or is that viri?) that plague the PC world.

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iCloud Photo Stream: Nightmare

by: E. Werner Reschke | Oct 25, 2011

Yesterday I took some photos with my iPhone 4. When I got back to the office I plugged the iPhone into the USB connector and watched as my iPhone synced with iTunes and iPhoto...  or so I thought.

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