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Apple: Successful without Social Media

by: Mark Reschke | Oct 11, 2011

Facebook, Twitter, Google +1,... and that's just the beginning of the list. There are well over a dozen different world-wide main-stream social media outlets one can use for free to get "their message out," and most everyone who is anyone is part of this social media trend. Even T–GAAP sports a Facebook page and Twitter account.

Yet someone is missing from this social media upheaval — Apple. Apple has deliberitly made a choice not to directly play in the world of social media. iOS 5 is loaded with goodies for Twitter users, but Apple, Inc. is absent. This seems somewhat bizarre given the fact that social media is especially popular with those under 30 years old — the same group that gobble up the iPad, iPhone and iPod products. So why would Apple not use social media to communicate it's own offerings to this crowd?

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AirPlay for Macs!

by: E. Werner Reschke | Oct 10, 2011

It happened to me again yesterday morning. I was giving a presentation at a conference on the subject of e-mail marketing. There was an HDTV in the room and I couldn't use it. Instead I used the projector provided by the conference. Why couldn't I use the HDTV? Cords.

Like Steve Jobs was, I consider myself very particular about presentations. How I look when giving a Keynote means as much as the quality of the content. If the messenger gets in the way of the message, the message falls on deaf ears because of distractions the messenger creates. For example, all the other presenters at this conference were using PC's and Powerpoint. As expected, their slides were boring, full of words and just plain awful. Each new slide was more of the same — lots of text, a poor graphics and then someone yammering for time to eternity about all the words... Wake me up when it's over.

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Steve Jobs Remembered

by: Mark Reschke | Oct 06, 2011

There isn't much more that can be said about Steve Jobs, until his authorized autobiography is released  later this month. If you haven't had time to search and find some articles on Steve, here is a short-list to what we found to be the most profound columns about Mr. Jobs.

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Best Finder for the iOS: Goodreader

by: Karl Johnson | Oct 06, 2011

 Apple updated their mobile OS to version 5 this week. This new update has a number of great features including iCloud, which allows applications to sync files between iOS and a Mac. Yet, for some users, it still does not replace a file manager like the Mac's Finder.

There are many iOS applications that allow users to manage files on the iOS, but the best one is GoodReader by Good.iWare. That is why GoodReader is this week's App of the Week. It has a number of great features that include:

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The shock of Wall Street not seeing the terminology "iPhone 5" on Apple's latest iPhone offering sent the stock careening in Tuesday's trading, down as much as $17 a share to $357.32 before bouncing back in late day trading.

Punditslooking for link-bait notwithstanding, the fears of some analysts and investors seem to be turning a corner today, from emotionally disappointed, to looking at the facts – Apple has put together a world-wide iPhone lineup that attacks every pricing segment head on with iOS devices:

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Update: See Best Alternative Browser for the iOS

The Mac platform has three major Internet browsers: Apple's Safari, Google's Chrome, and Mozilla's Firefox. All three are very capable browsers that can run the latest webpages and web applications. Previous reviews have given Safari the edge, but all three have been recently updated. In light of these new updates, it is time to take a look at all three again and see how they compare.

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Let's waste no time and just dive right into why Apple's 'Let's talk iPhone' special event is going to be huge:

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Kindle Fire – Extinguished

by: Mark Reschke | Oct 03, 2011

In the 60's, after President Kennedy's assassination, Simon & Garfunkel brought us the Sound of Silence. That tone can be sensed again this week in for the form of Fire, that has all but gone out. Amazon's gushing moment came from their new line of Kindle's launched this past Wednesday. But since Friday, the absence of any enthusiasm and chatter about the devices, specifically the Kindle Fire, has been deafening. 

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iCloud or MyCloud?

by: Karl Johnson | Sep 30, 2011

Apple is set to announce a new iPhone next week. With the announcement of a new iPhone, Apple should be releasing a new version of their mobile operating system, iOS 5 and the new cloud service, iCloud.

Apple is moving away from MobileMe and iDisk to iCloud, a new way to store files on the Internet. Yet, this new iCloud is still a service and requires a subscription to use if you want more than 5GB. For those who don't trust Apple or don't want another subscription, there are alternatives.

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We T-GAAP-ers really appreciated your open letter of advertisement yesterday, showcasing the Samsung Galaxy S II and HTC Amaze. Errrrrt! We really appreciated your open letter, explaining why T-Mobile is having difficulties in obtaining the iPhone and what you are doing to ensure T-Mobile customers can order one as soon as possible, as it is clearly the smartphone of choice.

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