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Google Challenger - Yosemite Spotlight

Typically we don't make a big deal about posting our podcasts, but this is the WWDC, so we are making an exception. Available in the upper right of our site, so go for it as you have time. 

The show was, well, pretty hot. Speaking of hot, you can listen to brothers (guy #1 and guy #3) go after it a bit regarding privacy and iCloud. All your privacy belongs to us...

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Holy covered banners Batman! We had thought Apple raised all their banners this past Friday, but have been proven wrong. It appears Werner Reschke (Guy #3), was correct in his guess that Apple may put up covered banners Sunday night. Nice call Werner. You can see more original T-GAAP WWDC banner photos here.

We are not sure what this banner holds under it's black veil, but here are three of our best guesses:

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Review: Amazon’s Cloud Drive

by: Karl Johnson | Jun 06, 2011

Amazon announced a new service that provides 5GB of free data storage, called Cloud Drive last March. Any music files that are stored in the Cloud Drive, can be streamed via a media player on their Web site.

Amazon has created an Android music player for their service, but not for the iPhone. A review of this service can be found from Kevin C. Tofel at Gigaom and Andy Ihnatko. This service might be nice for Android users, but does it providing anything for Apple users?

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Review: Amazon Mac Download Store

by: Karl Johnson | Jun 03, 2011

Apple changed the way users purchased Mac applications when they created the Mac App Store at the beginning of the year. Even though it still does not have all the biggest software titles for the Mac, it still is the first place to look for new applications. Can anyone else compete with it?

Amazon is set to find out by creating their own app store for the Mac called Mac Software Downloads. Is there enough room for two stores and can they compete? Lets take a look at the Amazon store experience and see how it compares with the Mac App Store.

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Pics of WWDC Setup

by: E. Werner Reschke | Jun 02, 2011

Our team is on the streets in San Francisco making sure nothing goes unnoticed as WWDC 2011 takes shape. 

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When it comes to smartphones, they've delivered us a lot of mobile computing goodness. But nothing great in technology-land seems to come along without a catch. In the cell phone world, the unsavory lining to success is radiation.

EWG (Environmental Working Group) has served up a plethora of appliance and smartphone test results as it relates to radiation. What this means to the user, that's debatable, but anyone can find articles and test results to support just about any position on the topic. At this point, an overarching rule of thumb is cell phone radiation is not good for the body, but how much can the human body take is another question. Looking specifically at smartphones, EWG tested 83 products, and out of the bunch Motorola came away the loser. As for Apple?...

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WWDC: Let the Speculation Begin

by: Karl Johnson | Jun 01, 2011

Apple’s World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC) is coming up on June 6. Products that are showcased at WWDC give developers who are going to the conference a chance learn how to incorporate them into their applications. Usually, Apple has come out with iPhone hardware about this time of year, so developers can add the new hardware features to their applications.

This year, Apple has not shown off the new iOS version yet, so don’t expect new hardware. This would mark a change in Apple’s annual iPhone update cycle. With the iPhone hardware rumored to be delayed until this fall, what is Steve Jobs going to announce during this keynote at WWDC?

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WWDC 2011: Three Things To Watch For

by: E. Werner Reschke | May 31, 2011

Is it June already? Well not quite, but certainly close enough to really start sinking our teeth into what we will find at the WWDC in 2011.

Having personally attended several Mac trade-shows back in the day (not any recently since Apple has canceled such events), the anticipation for Steve or "JobsCo" to reveal something new is no different this time around. Matter of fact one can argue the stakes are even higher with so many more irons in the fire.

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If Boy Genius reporting is accurate, Apple is setting the stage to make the higher educational sales competition a no-contest event this summer. The report claims Apple will be offering $200 off any iPad with the purchase of a Mac, which is an additional offer added to the typical free iPod touch offer given to students during the educational buying season. Apple offering iPads as low as $299 – it's a game over situation.

If you have any form of youth in the house and were considering a Mac or iPad, this "may be coming" offer marks the time to get some new Apple goodness. Students are on, or around, campus most of the time, thus a majority are likely to just go with an iPad wifi model. But many students will consider a 3G version with Apple's tempting discount, pitting Apple against its carrier partners, specifically Verizon. 

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Report: Facebook Can Cause Depression

by: E. Werner Reschke | May 28, 2011

Can Facebook be a cause of depression in children and teens? That seems to be one of the findings of a study produced by the American Academy of Pediatrics. The study sites,

“Seventy-five percent of teenagers now own cell phones, and 25% use them for social media, 54% use them for texting, and 24% use them for instant messaging.”

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