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How Apple Finishes 2011 Strong

by: E. Werner Reschke | Sep 06, 2011

First of all, I trust everyone had a Happy Labor Day. If you don't know why most don't work on the first Monday of September, it's worth a click and a quick read to learn.

Now, back to the subject at hand, how Apple finishes 2011 strong. FIrst of all don't expect much for the month of September in the form of product launches. September is the last month in Apple's fiscal caledar and historically Apple (like most other businesses) wait until the new quarter or new year to make such new product shipments. Whether Apple announces new product, such as the iPhone 5 in September, that's another matter. But for actual shipping product, October is going to be a very busy month.

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Few people have used the Terminal application and even fewer understand it. The goal of this new series of articles at T-GAAP will teach Mac users to use the Terminal and its commands to change the way the Mac OS runs.

The Terminal gives users access to some pretty powerful tools inside the Mac OS. These tools allow you to get under the hood of the OS engine in a new way. The first article will give just a taste of the power inside the Terminal application.

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 The iPhone 4 makes a great flashlight since it is always there. While the front screen works ok to illuminate a dark area, the camera's flash does a much better job. In order to use it though, one needs to have a flashlight app.

After testing numerous flashlight applications, I finally found this week's App of the Week. While there are many flashlight applications out there, most have ads that get annoying and are slow to launch. This flashlight app is free and does not include any ads.

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Is Apple going all-out in an effort to acquire the type of contracts that will set their Apple TV and forthcoming HDTV sales on fire? Likely so.

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In the wake of Steve Jobs announcing his resignation as CEO of Apple. Inc. this past Wednesday, Apple stock took a $19 plunge in after hours trading, costing AAPL nearly 5.6% of its value. The news of Jobs resignation could hardly be considered unexpected, but would this be a sign that investors viewed Apple as a one-man show or was the after-hours trading a mere knee-jerk reaction?

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This week's podcast focuses on HP's big move to exist the desktop and mobile computing spaces, while Google snatches up Motorola Mobility for a cool $12.5 billion. Was it worth the price? Intel creates a $300 million fund in an effort to offset their own Ultrabook reference platform costs. Will this fund deliver the ability for PC manufacturers to compete with the MacBook Air? And of course, and our ever-present Werner Reschke (Guy #3) opening with This Day In History: Episode 57

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This week's podcast includes discussion of iCloud, iTunes pay-to-play service, why no one can compete with the MacBook Air, iPhone 5 (purchase unlocked or via a subsidized plan?), and our ever-present Werner Reschke (Guy #3) opening with This Day In History: Episode 56


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App of the week: arRsync for the Mac

by: Karl Johnson | Aug 25, 2011

This week's app is a folder synchronization tool called arRsync. This is a great tool that can backup or synchronize folders and files. Any folder that the finder sees, whether local or network based, can be synchronized.

arRsync does a nice job of backing up folders from one's local hard drive to an external or networked hard drive. The best part about this tool is that it is free.

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Ruko, a former property of Netflix, recently released a second version of their streaming media player. The new player now allows users to play some games on the TV.

While the new set-top box features looks interesting, the shape of the case looks very familiar. Why did Roku redesign their case to make it look like one of their competitor's cases?

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Attachment Woes with MobileMe E-Mail

by: E. Werner Reschke | Aug 22, 2011

MobileMe E-Mail Error

It appears that MobileMe (formerly known as “Dot Mac”), has been showing some signs of attachment disorder. The above errror message is consistent from more than one MobileMe account when sending an e-mail to the domain The same e-mail can be sent to a different domain with no problem — message sent, message received.

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