Apr 1, 2015 — by: Mark Reschke
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Which_macbook_to_buyApple recently launched a revolutionary all-new MacBook, updated and added a new feature to the MacBook Pro and refreshed their MacBook Air line. Not since early 2011 has Apple had six distinct laptop models in which to choose from, with price points starting at $899, moving well beyond $2,500 for a custom outfitted, hot rod machine. Which MacBook is right for you?

The Basics:

I’m going to make this pretty simple, so I will start with the basics. If you have ever purchased a car, home, or watched Property Brothers, it all starts with a budget. What can you afford? If you do not have $899 to spend on a laptop, then you can stop right here, as Apple simply has nothing new to offer you as far as a laptop goes. However, if you are a student, the entry price starts at $849, while moving upstream generally saves $100 off any MacBook. For non-students, if your budget can fit between $899 - $2,000, you can afford every MacBook in every display size Apple has to offer.

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Mar 31, 2015 — by: E. Werner Reschke
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It is 11 days until Apple Stores explode with traffic — as people line up to get their first hand look (and purchase) Apple Watch. This type of event is something only Samsung, Microsoft and Google can only dream about, where people are excited and will stand in long lines for hours to see and purchase their products. Apple has done a masterful job in creating hype, but more importantly, being able to deliver on that hype by exceeding expectations.

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Mar 30, 2015 — by: Mark Reschke
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Looking beyond the new MacBook’s 13.1" thinness, its 2-lb weight, retina display, state-of-the-art individually backlit keyboard and solid-state multi-touch trackpad, the new MacBook for all its pizzazz is set to crush the Windows-based competition with what may be the most import specification of all for the mobile crowd — battery life.

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Mar 28, 2015 — by: Mark Reschke
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Ipod_touch_5th_generationApple Watch hype has hit a fever pitch, but don't think the mania is over quite yet. The watch does not go on pre-sale until April 10, thus the noise should last at least another month before settling down. Meanwhile, MacBook owners  – including us at T-GAAP  – are embroiled in debating the merits of the latest MacBook versus the rest of the refreshed MacBook lineup. For all of Apple's efforts in focusing our attention onto the latest and greatest, it can be said the iPod started it all, and yet the product will have been without an update for 3 years come this September. Should Apple make a 6th generation iPod touch?

At the heart of the current 5th generation iPod touch is Apple's 32-bit A5 processor. To gain some perspective in how old this chipset is, it was last used in the iPhone 4S. The iPod also sports a 4" screen, while the latest iPhones have moved onto 4.7" and 5.5" displays. The iPod touch utilizes some old technologies, and yet has stubbornly remained at $199 for just a 16 GB version. Topping off iPod touch's dated appeal, sales figures for the entire iPod lineup are no longer reported in Apple's quarterly conference call or press release. The days of this diminutive little iPhone – without the phone – seem numbered, but there is a glimmer of hope.

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Mar 26, 2015 — by: E. Werner Reschke
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Since last Fall, all the attention of those who carefully follow what Apple does have been focused on Apple Watch, iPhone, Apple Pay and most recently a stunning new MacBook. From all the predictions from way back in 2010 until now (including some here at T-GAAP), Apple TV has made little progress from its hobby status.

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Mar 25, 2015 — by: Mark Reschke
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As we approach the launch of the new MacBook, with the latest Air and Pro updates already on store shelves, Apple may be preparing to make this one of the last Intel updates to high volume Macs for the foreseeable future. The only Mac requiring Intel hang around for some time to come is Apple’s Mac Pro, which is a low-volume, high-powered Mac, largely dedicated to the video and creative markets. Beyond the Mac Pro, every current Mac is open to being replaced with Apple’s own A-series of processors. Ironically, Intel’s focus on power consumption versus raw performance is aiding ARM, thus Apple, as they are catching up to Intel’s performance figures at a rapid pace.

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Mar 24, 2015 — by: E. Werner Reschke
Categories: Apple Watch

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Beautiful. Elegant. Practical. Gotta have one! These are descriptions of the forthcoming Apple Watch. But what makes the Apple Watch “Genius” is not merely its design, it is what it can do when paired with iPhone. During his most recent Keynote, Tim Cook reiterated that “Apple Watch was designed to work with iPhone.” In that one phrase is the entire philosophy of Apple Watch and why it was made.

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Mar 23, 2015 — by: E. Werner Reschke
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I run a small business. I value privacy, for myself and my customers. Giving all my personal and company data to a Cloud owned by some other entity — whether Apple, Google, Microsoft or Yahoo! — has always made me nervous. Maybe I’m über-paranoid, or maybe I’m crazy like a fox.

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Mar 19, 2015 — by: Mark Reschke
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New_macbooks_colorsApple's new laptop, simply called MacBook, is set to go on sale April 10, and will be available online, at Apple retail stores and select Apple authorized resellers. With an ever-growing Mac customer base, anticipate the "gotta have it now" crowd leaving Apple scrambling to meet initial demand. This state-of-the-art laptop cannot be quick or easy to produce, but as supply catches up with demand I'll be purchasing the new MacBook – space gray of course.

Over the past few years, many family members and friends have asked me which MacBook they should purchase. Listening to their needs, and often their unfounded fears of switching to a Mac (which the Mac and OS X always proved out), I would recommend the MacBook Air for some, or a MacBook Pro or Pro with retina display for others. But at times I found myself puzzled by those whom I recommended a MacBook Air, as they would purchase a rather legacy formatted MacBook Pro with Superdrive. I learned they were clinging to the belief they needed an optical drive, or array of ports.

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Mar 18, 2015 — by: Mark Reschke
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This is Part 2 of 2. Read Part 1 >

6. Watch Faces

First and foremost, these devices are watches, and what type of face is displayed for you and others to see is very important. A watch face conveys the owners personality and what he or she thinks of the watch itself. What individuals like, or do not like, is up to each one’s personal preference. Currently, Android wear has more watch faces to choose from when downloading from Google Play — 57 in all — but that is where customization for Android Wear faces largely ends. Quality of watch faces is up to one’s own opinion. That said, Apple clearly trumps the number of downloadable Android Wear watch faces with the amount of face customization for each watch face.

Apple Watch ships with 9 time keeping faces, but each face is immensely customizable, going several levels deeper than Android Wear’s abilities. Beauty is a subjective thing, but most reviews are pointing to Apple’s more elegant, highly crafted time faces. You be the judge.

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