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Iphone_5_battery_replacement_programIf you own an iPhone 5 and have not yet learned of Apple’s iPhone 5 battery replacement program, you have either been living on a remote island with Survivor’s Jeff Probst, or are unable to connect to the internet because your iPhone 5 battery died.

On August 22, Apple rolled out an iPhone 5 battery replacement program for qualifying iPhone 5’s. Any iPhone 5 purchased between September 2013 through January 2014 may be eligible. 

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AAPL to reach at least $150 by the end of 2014

by: E. Werner Reschke | Aug 28, 2014

AAPL Stock to reach over $150 by end of 2014

If current trends continue, it is not inconceivable for AAPL to be worth over $150 per share by the end of 2014. Since June 6th, when Apple’s 7:1 AAPL stock split occurred, the stock has risen 1.37% every day for the past 80 days for a 10% increase in value from $92.22 to $101.54 per share. If AAPL growth continues at this rate for the next 128 days, on December 31, 2014 AAPL will be worth $178.88 per share.

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Yerba_buena_apple_special_event_september_9Wipe today off the calendar, and there are exactly two weeks remaining until Apple's supposed September 9, Special Event. According to John Paczkowski of re/code, Apple is to hold a special iPhone launch event on September 9th. T-GAAP believes the dates are correct and the event will take place at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in downtown San Francisco, CA.

We, at the very least, expect that the forthcoming iPhone Air (AKA iPhone 6) will be announced. The device has been highly rumored to come in two configurations: a 4.7" and 5.5" display, with an improved processor, better battery life, an upgraded camera, plus an ever-thinner enclosure. What is rather odd, is given the volume of rumors and images online, Apple has not gone after a single source with their legal team.

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Best New Feature of OS X Yosemite

by: Mark Reschke | Aug 25, 2014


For many in the U.S., the fall is a season highly anticipated. There is the NFL and college football, and for others it represents the fishing season kicking into full swing. Then there is the tech geeks, and those that look forward to what Apple, Inc. will bring to market. Among the new goodies Apple showcased at their World-Wide Developers Conference in June was the newest desktop operating system, OS X Yosemite. This fall OS X Yosemite will launch with my favorite new feature: dark mode.

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Yosemite: SpotlightIn 2011 the world was introduced to Siri — your personal digital assistant. Siri works on iPhone 4s and forward. Siri lets you use voice, instead of touch, to make appointments, call friends, send texts, and much more. It is the “much more” that is particularly interesting, because this is exactly what a search engine does. You type in a particular request and returned to you are several (hopefully) relevant results. Google has been the king of search for nearly 10 years now. No one, not even Microsoft or Yahoo!, has been able to make a dent in Google’s search dominance. But that may soon change.

Siri could do “much more” such as look up a baseball score or let you know about the nearby dry cleaners. In order to do this, Siri uses partners to return outside-the-iPhone type requests. Siri’s original partners included (info provided by wikipedia):

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Apple-tv-channelsRecently, Apple TV has added quite a few high profile channels. Just yesterday NFL Now was introduced. Before that was Fox Now, Watch ESPN, Watch ABC, Watch ABC News, History, A&E, HBO Go, PBS, Lifetime, Smithsonian and much more. Apple TV has become very popular with consumers but also with networks.

However, Apple TV is being positioned as a secondary TV device. Most of these channels offer some free content but in order to watch all the content, an ID from a cable or satellite provider is required. Instead of Apple TV being a device that lets consumers “cut the cord”, Apple TV is enhancing the value (and need) of cable and satellite subscriptions.

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Steve Ballmer's Need To Be Relevant

by: Mark Reschke | Aug 20, 2014

Steve_ballmer_clippersWe just can not get rid of this guy. Like a nagging winter cough, a bad back or rheumatoid arthritis, Steve Ballmer’s need to be relevant seems insatiable. With his recent overpaid L.A. Clippers acquisition, it sadly appears he will be in our consciousness for some time to come. 

Yesterday, at the Clippers Fan Festival, Steve Ballmer brought out his nearly trademark maniac appearance. Going quasi-crazy on the fans, followed up with a 13 minute speech that did not excite anyone, but probably scared many. Some say Ballmer is simply an extremely passionate guy in whatever he gets into. That’s one apologetic opinion. The other is Ballmer simply cannot get over himself, and since his rise and reign at Microsoft is over, he needs the spotlight now more than ever.

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Tim Cook's Time for Making History

by: E. Werner Reschke | Aug 19, 2014

In the mid-90's when Apple was on the verge of bankruptcy, then CEO Gil Amileo, chose Steve Jobs’ NeXT, Inc., and the NeXTSTEP operating system over former Apple fellow Jean-Louis Gassée’s BeOS. Jobs joined Apple’s Board of Directors, and with the NeXTSTEP operating system set as the foundation of what would become OS X he went to work on hardware along with regaining his CEO status. Gil Amileo was sent packing within a month of Jobs return, branding himself as Apple's iCEO, and soon thereafter the introduction of the first iMac.

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Tim Cook, Changing The Culture At Apple

by: Mark Reschke | Aug 18, 2014

Tim Cook: ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

In his latest support of all-things-for-the-social-good, Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, took the Ice Bucket Challenge at Apple’s fundraising bash to fight ALS during the company’s diversity week. Cook became CEO of Apple in 2011, and over the course of his reign he has had a major impact on the culture of the Cupertino company.

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Iphone-launch-steve-jobsApple is a unique company, and anyone who would deny that just doesn’t understand the company's history. While IBM created the first personal computer, it was Apple that made the PC useable by people who weren’t programmers. Yes Apple leveraged the idea from Xerox (and then Microsoft from Apple), but does anyone think we would have seen mass adoption of PC’s in the 90’s if Xerox were leading the charge with the GUI interface? And it wasn’t just the GUI interface. Apple delivered files, folder and a trash can, in easy-to-understand icon format. Apple then linked the PC with design software and laser printers and an entirely new way to publish documents was born.

Fast forward two decades and Apple launched the iPod. Apple did not create this product category either, but took it to the next level and made it a must-have for an entire generation. Once again the iPod portable music player was not a standalone device. iPod  came with iTunes vertically integrated, quickly followed with the iTunes store, and the music industry was transformed overnight.

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