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Microsoft’s Fork In The Road

by: E. Werner Reschke | Mar 31, 2014

Microsoft-fork-in-the-roadLast week Microsoft’s new CEO, Sayta Nadella, made his first bold move by launching Office for iPad. According to Mike Issac at re/code, Office for iPad is off to a promising start as it ranks in the top listings in the App Store’s “top grossing apps” category. 

We can assume Microsoft has had Office for iPad ready to launch for quite some time and that Steve Ballmer was the roadblock to launch. Or we can assume that Sayta Nadella has impeccable timing and Office for iPad was ready to launch just weeks after he was named CEO. We lean heavily towards the former.

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Flight-370-alien-abuduction-ipad2Podcast Episode 104: Alien Abduction and the Missing iPad 2. We may still be searching for missing Malaysian Flight 370, but don't forget iPad 2's went missing this week as well.

Fear not. T-GAAP hosts Mark, Karl and Werner have all the important Apple News & Analysis in this week's podcast:

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Rumors and images are are rapidly crossing even the broadest of internet canyons with Apple’s highly rumored forthcoming HealthBook App. Apparently, anything from weight to oxygen saturation can be monitored. How? Many solutions may require a third party device, but others are speculating an Apple iWatch will be able to accomplish all but the most technical of health related items. With the Affordable Care Act (ACA) in full swing, questions are being asked as to whether the health and mobile high-tech convergence will be the next area of big Government regulation?

U.S. Congressional House member Robin Quain, at a recent campaign rally stated; "Health care is often a critical life or death matter, and health care solutions are something the American people expect to work, and work properly all the time. Simple startup companies working out of their garages cannot just develop and launch healthcare applications for a smartphone or smartwatch without being accurately tested and regulated as safe."

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Airdrop_almostYesterday, Apple released the latest beta version of OS X, 10.9.3 to developers. The newly minted code focuses on graphics and audio driver enhancements, finalizing bug-free support for 4k (UHD) displays.

Really? That's the focus?

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PagatronI recently discussed the possibilities of Apple holding a Special Event on or before their June WWDC event, with the intent to launch an iPhone 6. The theory is that this leaves the door wide open for Apple to deliver an all new product category in the fall, something akin to a watch-like device or all new Apple TV, which would include more high profile networks, gaming and perhaps Siri control. 

Today, on the heels of this speculation comes another report from Zhan Xaixian of Tawain's Business Times online. Zhan claims Pegatron, one of Apple's growing contract manufacturers, has started to put the pieces in place for iPhone 6 production runs starting in 2Q14. 

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Wwdc-2013-apple-logoEven though much of the country has suffered a brutal winter, there has been a recent shift that most of us can now sense is on the horizon – Spring! In the world of all-things-Apple, Spring is a time of rabid speculation, accompanied by a big ramp up to WWDC. This year is proving to be no different.

Rumors are flying in from the Far East on a daily basis: 

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Intel-broadwellIntel’s main processor roadmap was leaked last week. The main takeaway is Intel’s new Broadwell processor will be delayed until 2015. Intel does have a few updated Haswell processors coming out in 2014, but they do not show significant improvement over current designs.

Intel will be using their new 14nm design on the Broadwell processor, which is the main reason for the big delay. This new chip is rumored to have a 40% increase in GPU performance over their current GPU built into the Haswell processor, which is a main focus for Intel. The current Haswell processor’s main improvement was battery life with only modest CPU improvements. So what does all this mean for Mac users?

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Samsung’s Multitasking Misunderstanding

by: E. Werner Reschke | Feb 24, 2014

Most likely you’ve seen one of these ads by Samsung touting their fabulous multitasking feature. The reason they brag about it is because neither the iPhone or iPad have “multitasking” the way Samsung is describing it. But the way Samsung is describing multitasking is not how we use multitasking.

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Podcast Episode 103: DarkFinity

by: E. Werner Reschke | Feb 24, 2014

DarkfinityPodcast Episode 103: DarkFinity. It’s your lucky day. The next hour and a half is arguably one of the best tech/entertainment podcasts ever produced. Yes it’s that good. Trust us. Now sit back, relax and begin to absorb the following knowledge and wisdom from our sages:

  • Comcast to buy Time Warner Cable…
  • Bloomberg says NEW Apple TV to be announced in April - launch late-fall…
  • Mac at 30 years old: What’s next.
  • iWatch, not just a txt msg device. Health industry
  • AT&T and Apple - Charging twice for data? Net Neutrality dead… Carriers about to kill internet competition?
  • IDC critical of Apple due to Apple not selling sub $200 smartphones that don’t make any money, for the sake of market share…?
  • New M$ CEO: Satya Nadella - Online Services Division
  • Gates: Spends first day back at Microsoft trying to install and update PC to Windows 8.1
  • Paul Thurrot: “Windows 8 is a disaster. Period.”
  • Apple Mac Pro ship dates slip to mid-April. Huge demand. 
    • Apple to release bezzel-less 4.7” iPhone 6 and 5.5” Phablet? According to the Korea Herald.

All this and much, much more in Podcast Episode 103: DarkFinity

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In Samsung’s never-ending effort to become the new, shiny Apple (what Samsung might self-describe themselves as being “what’s next”), their latest advertising campaign not only offends the very customers they are trying to convert (Apple customers), but also leaves the viewer with a low opinion of Samsung. This can’t be the branding Samsung is trying to imprint on the U.S. consumer.

Last year, amid disappointing sales of Samsung’s flagship Galaxy S4 smartphone, the Korean tech giant swiftly swapped out ad agencies, moving from Razorfish to RGA. Samsung works with a host of other agencies, but RGA is now the lead dog in charge of consumer advertising. Samsung’s previous ad campaigns showing iPhone users being out of touch — or standing in Apple store lines when the best smartphone was to be found under the Samsung brand — have been exchanged for a even deeper cutting, less tactful approach. The executive desperation at Samsung to meet overinflated sales targets can be felt within their latest ads.

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