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Jan 21, 2016 — by: Mark Reschke
Categories: Apple Personnel

Love_sees_no_colorIt is an old debate, but one worth revisiting at Apple. Does hiring the best employees result in becoming politically incorrect? And if so, will Apple sacrifice political expediency for the best employees? It does not necessarily have to be a false argument, as Apple could, theoretically achieve both, which is what Apple appears to be striving for.

Market dynamics dictate that companies should hire the best employees it can, in order to maintain and achieve a competitive edge over its competition. If a company hired a majority of Japanese, Russians, Hindus, or Latinos, it makes no difference to the corporation, so long as those people are most qualified to do the job. However, in today’s society, if a company practices such policies — hiring the best of the best — and the results of those hired does not match the race or gender (and perhaps soon religious) demographics of the country, these companies are increasingly coming under political fire that the company may be racist or bigoted. Apple is in such a position of prominence, it is rapidly becoming a target for such scrutiny.

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