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Sep 21, 2017 — by: Mark Reschke
Categories: AT&T

Iphone_xThere's no question, I'm waiting for the arrival of iPhone X, and apparently tens of millions of people across the globe are as well. iPhone 8 pre-sales are brisk but not earth shattering, and that is likely to mean only one thing: iPhone X is going to be a big, big, deal. 

I've upgraded every two years since my first-ever iPhone, the iPhone 3G. I'm currently sporting an iPhone 7, which means I should be another year away for my next upgrade. However, iPhone X may have changed my two-year cycle, along with millions of others. I have never considered the larger iPhone Plus models until this past year. With ever-expanding unlimited data plans and my increased use of streaming video, I've found myself wanting a slightly larger display to watch tennis, football or basketball while working out on the gym bike or waiting for my next flight. So why not the iPhone 8 Plus?

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