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Jun 8, 2012 — by: Mark Reschke
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It's still an open book question: Will Tim Cook succeed as CEO of Apple over the long-term, and perhaps even the short? While the latter seems to be being put to rest rather quickly, the former is a valid question, one worth exploring at the very least.

Based on Cook's Q&A session at the D10 conference, he may not be a tech visionary, but he doesn't believe he needs to be either. Cook is a financial wizard, with a keen eye on how to leverage the supply chain to maximum effect, while leaving the competition scrambling, forever playing catchup. You won't see Tim walking the Apple campus in flip-flops, a white tank top and jean shorts playing the part of Steve Jobs Part II, but he's a mature enough man to understand he just needs to be the best Tim Cook he can be and that alone keep Apple what Apple is – the essence of creative and main street rolled into one simplified solution set. 

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