Oct 26, 2016 — by: Mark Reschke

Microsoft_surface_studioYou may not have heard about it yesterday, but while Apple was busy releasing their first time in 14 years, declining annual financial results, Microsoft held a special event in New York showing off their new flagship desktop computing system, Surface Studio. Watching Microsoft's marketing video, you can come away with only one possible conclusion; somewhere, sometime, Microsoft merged with Apple, but no one told anyone!

All the bellyaching from Microsoft apologists that Apple making both hardware and software is lame, or that Apple is nothing more than slick marketing videos, and sheek product has come home to roost. Microsoft has copied Apple's marketing of products so well, if I didn't see the Windows logo, I would have sworn this was Apple's all-new iMac. Microsoft has been accused of always copying Apple, and true enough, this video does exactly that. Showcasing exploded components slowly coming together, or copying Apple's close-up pans with a hip take on Willy Wonka's imagination song, invoke a state-of-the-art emotion rarely seen from any company outside of Apple. For all those Microsoftians, now is your time. If you love Surface Studio's design and this video it is to say you've truly loved Apple products and their presentations, you just too cowardly to admit it.

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Oct 21, 2016 — by: Mark Reschke
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Hello_again_apple_invitationWhile Samsung is in Galaxy Note 7 never happened mode and the media is getting over digesting Apple's latest iPhone 7 and Apple Watch offerings, Apple is bustling about preparing for their October 27, special event. This time it's all about the Mac – F I N A L L Y!

We've previously discussed how walking into an Apple Store is like stepping into a computer museum, but Phil Schiller should be all about delivering some welcome Mac news. But which Macs will get updates and how major, or minor, will those updates be?

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Oct 18, 2016 — by: Mark Reschke
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Apple_car3Say it ain't so, but then again is it really all that wise to question Mark Gurman of Bloomberg? According to Gurman, Apple's Bob Mansfield, heading up Apple's car aspirations, has drastically scaled back the program guiding it towards an autonomous only, software-based state. The project, running under the not-so-secret code name Project Titan, once on track to be a grand electric car, could realize itself as little more than autonomous driving software technology to be licensed to automotive manufacturers. Evidently, the door is open for the technology to be worked back into a fully developed Apple car in the far future. But currently any "Apple car or bust!" direction is now off the table. Or is it?

If Mansfield has indeed dialed back Project Titan, focusing only on autonomous driving for the time being, it would be hard to view it as anything less than a massive failure within Apple's leadership. We previously discussed how Apple has lost momentum in many categories, missing complete launch cycles due to Project Titan brain-drain. For the car program to be scaled back in this fashion, while hurting the company in other areas, will be utterly unacceptable from many within Apple's investment circles and beyond, striking another blow to Tim Cook's leadership abilities.

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Oct 15, 2016 — by: Mark Reschke
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Gold_apple_watchIf you believe the Apple Watch Series 1 and 2 release was nothing to take note of, you might be surprised to learn that Apple's watches are flying off the shelves. 

Two Guys and a Podcast conducted spot checks this week with several Apple retail stores, and all were completely sold out of Apple Watch series 2 versions (some stainless and ceramic are available), with some Series 1 watches still available for purchase. Apple has a hit on their hands, and it may be the big gift of the holiday season.

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Oct 10, 2016 — by: Mark Reschke
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Airplane_samsung_appleOver 895 million people flew on planes within, or in and out, of the U.S. in 2015. The number of passengers set another an all-time record, which is estimated to be broken again in 2016, with over 900 million people having flown in U.S airspace. And on every flight, before takeoff, and without fail since mid-September, a special announcement to all passengers is given, ordering them shut off their Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phones and store them in the above compartments or in a carry-on, below the seat in front of them.

I’ve been on six flights since mid-September, and while the wording from different airlines has been slightly different, the message has been abundantly clear; “Completely turn off and hide your Samsung Note 7. You will not use or charge it on this fly, potentially burning us all out of the flippin’ sky!" Every time I've heard the instructions, a semi chuckle has broken out with passengers looking at their neighbors to ensure they do not have a Galaxy Note 7, and if they do, making sure they shut them down.

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Oct 7, 2016 — by: E. Werner Reschke
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Now that the predictable, yet nice, updates to iPhone and iOS have hit the streets — with great success by the way — it is time to turn our attention to the Mac product line. We at Two Guys and a Podcast have been pretty harsh on Apple because of their lack of Mac updates:

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Apple_stormApple's Mac lineup has been languishing over the past few years, and their may be valid reasons as to why. Perhaps Apple been preparing to migrate away from Intel to their own A-series processors? Or would iPad's be ushering in a new area of computing relegating Mac's to back of the line? Any number of rumors have given chase as to why Apple's overall Mac lineup has become extremely stale, but it appears Apple is staying firmly Intel for their next generation processors, and thus a slew of long overdue Macs should should be unveiled during an October special event.

Apple is planning a major Mac invasion of new technologies, but it does not explain why this has been long overdue. Two big distractions may have been causing Apple's innovative Mac engine to sputter on 3-cylinders the past few years. 

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Sep 29, 2016 — by: Mark Reschke
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Samsung_explodesKa-Boom! Did you hear that Verizon guy, or is it the Sprint guy now?... That's the sound of the U.S. being blown apart, bit by bit, via Samsung devices. Oh, don't get me wrong, I'm not making fun of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, which has already blown up in a little boys hands, set a man's pants on fire and burned down a Jeep Grand Cherokee. Let me be perfectly clear; I'm making fun of a whole slew of Samsung devices.

Just this past week, a Samsung Galaxy Note 2, not 7, but Note 2, caught fire in an overhead bin compartment on an airplane forcing an emergency landing. Of course, it's a week later, so what what other devices does Samsung engineer and sell that could possibly ignite and destroy something, somewhere? That would be Samsung's exploding clothing washers. Of course, there may be a completely logical reason for this.

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Sep 28, 2016 — by: Mark Reschke
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Iphone_7_plansIf you are considering carrier hunting in order to benefit yourself in getting an all-new iPhone 7 or 7 Plus for free or at a discounted rate, you may want to consider ditching the carrier route entirely. Apple has two plans for you to take advantage of and one plan appears to be better than the other.

Truth be told, there are four ways to buy an iPhone from Apple, but I'd suggest considering only two of them. You can outright purchase the unlocked iPhone 7 for the retail price (which you can do through many outlets), purchase the iPhone 7 via the AT&T Next program (if you are with AT&T, or want to switch to them), or you can go with one of the two best options remaining.

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Old_headphonesTuesday, at Apple's September special event, CEO, Tim Cook and crew revealed iPhone 7. Among it's biggest new technologies was the omission of a legacy feature – Apple has done away with the industry standard 3.5mm audio jack, and for a slew of good reasons. But none more impactful than the fact that Android makers are now torn in what to do with a standard Apple just ditched.

Apple VP of World Wide Marketing, Phil Schiller, pointed out new digital advantages for moving past the the analog standard. Yes, the move brings wireless headphone technologies towards becoming the new standard. Yes, it saves space within iPhone. Yes, the removal of the jack eliminates another area for water and dust ingression. The shift to using iPhone's Lightning connector for headphones certainly ushers in the digital age for Apple's headphones, but the initial pain it brings to the competition is greater than the benefits within iPhone 7 in and of itself.

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