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Date Episode Show Title Show Notes Enjoyment
2015-04-02 109 I’ll Give You an F4! Yes 00:53:15
2015-02-18 108 Apple Pay, Apple Watch, Apple Car Yes 00:59:09
2015-02-05 107 Brian Williams Breaking News - Apple to buy Tesla Yes 00:42:38
2015-01-23 106 Let’s Wait A While Yes 00:47:42
2014-06-26 105 Snap, Crackle, Pop Yes 00:56:29
2014-03-19 104 Alien Abduction and the Missing iPad 2 Yes 00:57:51
2014-02-12 103 DarkFinity Yes 01:33:44
2014-01-16 102 Heads Up (Beep Beep) Fire In The Nest Yes 00:35:18
2013-11-22 101 Gene “2014 AppleTV” Munster No 00:46:13
2013-10-07 100 An iPhone, Ron Burgundy and a Dodge Durango! Yes 00:53:49
2013-07-18 099b One Microsoft, One Strategy, One Bad Earnings Report Yes 00:57:10

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