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Episode 93: Don't Be Creepy

Recorded: March 13, 2013

Samsung Galaxy S4 Launches Tomorrow Night: 

  • Rumors of it being able to hold a conversation for those who have no friends... What will it have? iPhone 5's graphics.
  • Where is Samsung headed? Tizen?... (more and more of their own features). How hard is that to build them for Tizen in parallel also? Have a virtual space to run Android apps. Presto - done.
  • Where are all the Android users?... My comment: Aren't a ton of Android users just dump phone users given a bad Android phone as a replacement, but just use them as a dumb phone?...

Google "don't be evil" being evil

  • Caves on WebM infringing on h.264 patents held by the International Standards Organization.
  • Google "don't be evil" being evil - again - part II: Kills off Google reader - which allows you to RSS feeds and such, but it didn't do ads, so what do they care about it?...
  • Google "don't be evil" buys SW company that makes snapseed for iOS and kills it off.
  • Google: Andy Rubin now steps down as Android chief to head another group at Google. Who takes over?... Sundar Pakai now running Android.

Intel's Hasswell a Has-Been?

  • Tom Lungo, contributor at Seeking Alpha talks of Haswell not being so great.
  • Apple likely the king of ultrabooks, thanks to Intel's flub-ub.

Marissa Mayer back at it again!

  • She is reviewing every candidate they hire at Yahoo!... Micromanaging breaking new ground.

Apple rumors: iWatch, Apple iTV and something else coming...

Episode 88: Pulled it Out of his Hat

Recorded: December 19, 2012

  • 2012: Apple's first year without Steve Jobs.
    • Fired Forstall: iOS creator & Maps
    • Fired John Browett: VP of Retail
    • Kept Bob Mansfield
    • iPad mini and iPhone 5 No ALL NEW Entries into New Markets
    • QUESTION: Where will Cook take Apple?
  • Tim Cook: Runner-up #3 for Man of the Year at Time Magazine.
  • Google Maps: Mossberg and David Pogue - Both say Google Maps for iOS better than for Android.
  • Apple's iPhone takes 68% of small and medium business activations - according to Laura DiDio of Information Tech Intelligence Corp. Android, 25%, BB 4% and Windoze 2.5%...
  • CNET says #1 tech flop of 2012 - Apple Maps.
  • Apple Campus takes shape in Austin, TX (Cook from Alabama. High tech folk in Texas, CA taxes going north north north, CA Campus coming to a crawl...).


  • Rumor: Oregon and NY battling it out for Project Azelea - a new chip fab worth 1000 jobs for the winning state
  • Rumor: Next Gen iPad mini to get retina display. Wow! Shocking! According to DigiTimes
  • Rumor: Apple's iTV: WSJ reports Hon Hai Precision testing 46 and 55 screens for Apple - so claims a Hon Hai source...
  • Rumor: Capital Expenditures nearing Samsung's levels of $22 billion in 2013. Dwarfs anyone else.
Episode 87: Surface or the Blackberry 10, hmmmm

Recorded: November 15, 2012

  • Apple's iTV is imminent according to Jeffries analyst Jamie Kisner...
  • Apple Stock taking the plunge - Why?...
  • Texting drops for the first-time in history. Is iPhone 5 and iMessages to blame? or Thank? or...
  • Avast does survey of 132k of their customers for USA Today 42% of those planning on buying a PC, said it would be a Mac or and iPad (12% Mac, 30% iPad). 16% were planning on upgrading... presumably before year's end - Holiday season.
  • Windows 8 and Surface: Ads built in? Cracking keyboard covers?... (Ballmer said sales are modest…)
  • John Dvorak: Windows 8 is an unmitigated disaster... 
  • Surface Specs Bogus? 32GB doesn't "mean" 32GB...
  • Map-Time!
    • According to the WSJ's (By AMIR EFRATI and JESSICA E. LESSIN) Google prepping a Maps app for iOS
    • Nokia preparing maps: link
  • RIM CEO Thornstein Heins is confident of Blackberry 10 success. 
  • UltraBooks = fail
Episode 85: The Sabbatical is Over

Recorded: October 25, 2012

  • Apple's Special Event
  • iBooks Update
  • Apple updated FCP X
  • 13" MacBook Pro w/Retina Display.
  • New Mac minis New iMacs! 
  • 4th Generation iPad. Lightning connector, A6X processor
  • iPad mini: - iPad mini Price? $329. Good, bad, ugly?
  • Quarterly Earnings report: Beat Revenue, missed on Profit. December quarter to be tight on margin due to so many product transitions.
  • What Next for 1Q2013? Everything's been updated, yes?
  • COMPETITION: - M$ paying $100 for those to line up for M$ Surface Friday.
Episode 78: The One Billion Dollar Podcast

Recorded: April 10, 2012

  • Facebook design & Facebook self-love narcissism
  • Arizona's annoying law
  • Microsoft buys for AOL patents for $1Billion
  • Apple sued by Justice Department for collusion
  • Macs back into the Enterprise market
  • Apple Mac growth continues
  • 15 inch MacBook Pros constrained
  • Verizon charging $30 for new iPhone if not on a current plan
  • iPhone 4S demand continues to grow 6 months after launch
  • Microsoft Windows phones sales woes
  • AppleTV only uses one of the two cores in its new A5X processor
  • FAA plans to create an App Store for the iPad
  • Guest appearance by: Ron Paul and Jack Handy
Episode 75: E-lec-tric Pig!

Recorded: March 14, 2012

  • New iPad: Retina Display rocks
  • Verizon offering free tethering with iPad (3), ATT nothing yet.
  • Apple TV: 1080p near Blu-Ray quality. Shades of gray weak. But file sizes under 4GB! ArsTechnica reviews.
  • UltraBooks XPS from Dell. $999.99 and it's weak.
  • Samsung Official: Apple coming with 7.85" iPad, buying screens from us.
  • 15" MacBook Air - Lineup merging. "Pro" nomenclature gone... According to Electric Pig in UK...
  • Dropping Discrite chips moving to integrated graphics from?... According to Semi-Accurate...
  • Intel: Optical Thunderbolt cabling coming this year. Longer transfer lengths but no claim on speed increases.
  • Jeffries sees an antelope
Episode 72: Soiled

Recorded: February 6, 2012


  • More than 80% of smartphones activated at AT&T were Apple's iPhone
  • iPhone 4S accounts for 90% of US iPhone sales, 42% of customers break contract to buy
  • These charts will make the Fandroids want to puke
  • AT&T's iPhone "sales" versus "activations": Doing the Math
  • Sales of iPhone leave all but Samsung hurting
  • China Telecom May Launch iPhone 4S by Late February
  • Foxconn to build 5 new Brazilian factories to help make Apple products
  • Entire high-end handset/tablet component market may soon be completely at Apple’s mercy
  • Apple Poised to Benefit from U.S. Government's Five-Year Push for Digital Textbooks
  • US smartphone installed base sees slowing shift from RIM to Android
  • Apple's Share of Profits Among Top Mobile Phone Vendors Hits 75%
  • Analyst: Apple likely uninterested in ARM-based MacBooks
  • Apple ups iPhone 4S build orders and switches iPad battery suppliers
  • 7 signs that Android is faltering as iOS strengthens


  • iPad takes 96% of tablets, iPhone 53% of phones in Good mobile enterprise study
  • Foxconn gets Brazil tax breaks, looks to begin iPad production
  • iPad 3 Event in March, An 'Unusual' Apple Event in February?
  • Apple CEO hints at no ARM-based MacBook Air as iPad to "soon satisfy" that niche


  • Apple's Secrecy Extends to Putting New Employees on Fake Projects
  • Apple grabs Dixons CEO John Browett to be retail Senior VP
  • Mac OS X 10.7.3 graphics fuel rumors of high-DPI Mac screens

Xserve News?

  • Macworld|iWorld's South Park talk

WebOS is dead:

  • Rubinstein: I was out of HP regardless of TouchPad results
  • Other big names have left as well.


  • What AMD Views as Important: Tablets, Servers, Notebooks & GPUs
  • Updated: RIM stares into abyss as BlackBerry blackout spreads
  • HTC Titan might ship to AT&T with buy-one-get-one deal
  • Microsoft holds formal WP7 Mango launch event in India
  • Is Google asking the FCC to allow gigabit Wi-Fi for its gigabit network?
  • Verizon teams up with Redbox to cash in on video
Episode 67: Hick-up

Recorded: December 6, 2011

Mac OS X 10.7.3 reveal drivers for possible update to Mac Pro line, Ivy Bridge processors for new MBA and MBPs, Quad Core CPUs for iPhone, 720p for iPhone, Windows 8, Microsoft's big, big problem, porting Office to iOS, Gene No Lines Munster claims sizes of new Apple TVs, HTC sales down 30% and much, much more!

Episode 66: Upstream Players

Recorded: November 29, 2011

  • Apple allows Tethering app! 
  • According to comscore: 5th most visited website on Black Friday:
    • Amazon
    • Walmart
    • Best Buy
    • Target
    • Apple
  • Apple Store sales setting records
  • HTC cuts forecast 23%, expects sales to shrink
  • Microsoft exec: Siri is nothing special, we’ve had it for over a year
  • Apple new MacBook Air series to compete with ultrabooks in 1Q12.
  • Amazon Kindle sales jump 4X year to year, Kindle Fire leads
  • Acer VP: we won't give up netbooks
  • iFixit trots out transparent glass back for iPhone 4S owners
  • iPhone 4 battery combusts on Aussie flight
  • Best Buy: Playbook out of stock due to high demand after $300 price drop
Episode 65: Phasers Set on Whimsical

Recorded: November 22, 2011

  • Adobe's Creative Cloud
  • Adobe kills Mobile-Flash
  • Microsoft's Ballmer denies we ever left the Windows era
  • RIM to make Blackberry's Whimsical in 2012
  • ARM's new cpu promises 10x performance leap
  • And much, much more!
Episode 64: The Great Vacation

Recorded: November 9, 2011

In The News

  • New Penney CEO Is Tapping Former Apple Co-Workers
  • Adobe pulls plug on Flash for mobile browsers
  • Flash to be continued by RIM's own development of it for Playbook...
  • Microsoft, AOL, Yahoo, strike ad alliance to take on Google and Facebook


  • iOS and Android games killing console makers
  • Eric Schmidt: ‘Google is a great innovator; Android effort started before the iPhone effort’

iPad Stuff

  • Barnes & Noble takes aim at Amazon’s Kindle Fire with new Nook Tablet
  • iPad gets thums up in election test in Oregon.
Episode 63: Cornholio

Recorded: Nov. 4, 2011

  • Apple Store 5th Ave NY, opening at 10am with new glass cube. Jobs to walk media through renovations...
  • PBS: Steve Jobs - One Last Thing aired last night. Anyone catch that? Thoughts?
  • Exclusive: Apple Vice President of Global Security John Theriault departs company
  • iPhone 4S battery life issues - Apple coming with fix.


Episode 62: iPhone, Worth Every Penny

Recorded: Oct. 27, 2011

 Steve Jobs:

  • Thoughts on Isaacson's Steve Jobs Autobiography?
  • Thoughts on 60 minutes piece?
  • Anyone see the memorial service? It's on Apple's site, but I did catch 8 minutes of Ives. Is he the next Steve Jobs in terms of the companies soul and direction?

Apple HDTV:

  • Jobs states: ‘I’d like to create an integrated television set that is completely easy to use,’ he told me. ‘It would be seamlessly synced with all of your devices and with iCloud.’ No longer would users have to fiddle with complex remotes for DVD players and cable channels. ‘It will have the simplest user interface you could imagine. I finally cracked it."
  • Bloomberg Rumor: iTunes creator Jeff Robbin is heading Apple HDTV efforts... He would be heading the software right, while Ives the HW?...
  • Today: NYT's spouts: Large parts seen in supply chain for forthcoming Apple HDTVs
  • My Question To Us: 
  • Does this not state this is coming from Apple? And if so, what does this look like?
  • When does it arrive?
  • Time Warner Cable loses 128K viewers, denies cord-cutting

Apple Hardware:

  • MacBook Pro's Get Update: Is this the tree in the forrest that crashed and made no sound? Perhaps the quietest update I've heard of...
  • ARMv8 Processor is Coming: Is this the Intel desktop competitor we've all been waiting for? According to ARM and nVIDIA - Yes. But not arriving until 2014?


  • Sprint: During quarterly report Dan Hesse said "iPhone is worth every penny" and that iPhones are 50% more efficient than 3G/4G devices. Less network traffic equals carriers paying out more subsidy costs to Apple vs HTC, Samsung and others? Likely. In fact, Sprint revealed it is paying Apple $200 more per iPhone to Apple than any other carrier (Yes, they were that desperate, thus Apple could demand it). This means Sprint is paying Apple $649, $749 or $849 per every iPhone sold - and they still have the lowest pricing plans. Sprint also announced they won't be making any money on the iPhone until at least 2015, and need another $7b in funding to build out their network (meaning ripping out WiMAX and throwing up LTE ASAP)... Link here
  • Sprint and iPhone Data Speed Issues: Website Next web is reporting Sprint and Apple are working on fixing slow data speeds that are plaguing iPhone 4S Sprint customers.... Opps...
  • China Mobile: According to Reuters - Incompatible high-speed network, no iPhone to subsidize, yet 10 million iPhone users... What are they going to do when they get the iPhone!?
  • Pixelmator 2.0 goes live tomorrow in App Store. Delivers some pretty sweet new features. Vector tools, powerful text features, healing tool w/content aware fill. OS X Lion native, full-screen mode, much more.


Episode 61: Siri-ously

Recorded: Oct. 21, 2011

  • Apple posts record revenue of $28.27 billion, misses Street expectations for first time since 2004
  • New MacBook Pros appear in Apple inventory system
  • Can Apple Shake Up Console Space?
  • Blackberry Blackouts
  • RIM Offers Free Apps, Month of Enterprise Support in Response to Outage
  • HTC Titan might ship to AT&T with buy-one-get-one deal
  • Launching with Windows 7.5
  • iPhone selling like Hotcakes
  • Apple ups iPhone 4S build orders and switches iPad battery suppliers
  • iPhone 4S destroys sales record; over 4 million units sold in first weekend
  • Apple's iPhone 4S sales heading for new gadget world record
  • Google: Microsoft 'hassles' its own partners over Android
  • Twitter CEO: Apple is our corporate mentor
  • Apple iOS devices require the least support of all major mobile platforms
  • Ballmer: We’re beating Google in the cloud
  • RUMOR: Apple orders 7.85-inch iPad mini display samples from suppliers
  • AT&T: iPhone 3GS sees sellouts, more new subs than rivals
  • Steve Jobs left designer Jony Ive more power than anyone at Apple
Episode 55: 1997

Recorded: Jul. 26, 2011

  • OS X Lion, MacBook Air and Mac Mini
  • Google: Android being returned at up to 40%, as people are thinking it was a clone type of iPhone.
  • UK Research Group: People's access to the internet.
  • Apple's Grand Central Station Store — Amazing. And isn't this yet one other reason Apple is set apart.
  • Fake Apple stores: Shut down in China
  • Speaking of China: $3.8 billion in China. Grew 6x yoy.
  • Rumor: 15 - 17" MacBook Pro's
  • Rumor: iPhone 5 set for fall (duh, iCloud and iOS 5 set for fall) 
Episode 43: The Caboose is off the Tracks

Recorded: Mar. 29, 2011


  • WWDC June 6-10, sells out in 10 hours.
  • WWDC to focus on iOS 5 and OS 10.7 Lion
  • iOS 5 and OS X Lion - launching in the fall?... When?...
  • What are we going to see in iOS 5?


  • iPad 2 lines still going strong, US and across the world
  • LePad launches in China. Does anyone care? 10.1" 16:9, 16GB $534

To the Cloud

  • Amazon launches Amazon Cloud drive - 5 GB storage and throws out App Store name so Apple can sue them because it's Trademarked...
  • Sony shocked by streaming service, since no streaming contracts yet in place...
  • Where is MobileMe gong?

Misc & Research

  • Forester Research: Apple bigger than IBM by end of 2011. Larger than HP by 2012.
  • IDC states Apple iOS share will fall and Windows 7
  • Samsung screws up. Thinner than iPad 2 - not really - isn't ready. We don't know what were doing...


  • Apple TV working on Smart TV prototype
Episode 42: Two Guys and a Podcast?

Recorded: Mar. 24, 2011

  • Karl MIA (on vacation).
  • AT&T to purchase T-Mobile
  • Apple sues Amazon of App Store name use
  • RIMM Playbook due out April 19th. $499 - Runs Android apps - DOA! RIMM is Dead, yes?
  • Apple's new ads - pushing their own software advantages
  • Bertrand Serlet to leave Apple:
  • iPhone ranks highest in JP Power and Associates Customer Survey
  • 10.6.7 Is out - Go get some!
  • Top 10 Mac Countries
Episode 41: Sleep Deprivation

Recorded: Mar. 16, 2011


  • AppleInsider | Gartner lowers PC sales forecast, says Apple's iPad 'redefining' computing
  • Gene Munster of Piper Jaffray says expect no lines for iPad 2 because it's really nothing new like iPad 1 due to 10k outlets having the tablet on day one vs 1800 outlets on iPad 1 launch .... BUT, iPad 1 had pre-orders, iPad 2 does not, which should create lines, yes? Now we have iPad 2 lines forming in Texas and the Carolina's. Gazelle has over a $1 million in tablet payments via their trade-in service


  • RUMOR: iPhone 5 to get aluminum backing – MacDailyNews - Welcome Home
  • Sprint and T-Mobile are in merger talks, according to Bloomberg
  • Android switchers? Big moves from Verizon users to iPhones?


  • Estimate: Apple moved 1.1 million MacBook Airs in the fall | Electronista
  • Howard Stern dumps Windows for Macs on his show
  • Adobe delivers Flash to HTML5 conversion software called Wallaby


  • Marvell says RIM backing away from high-end smartphones | Electronista
  • Nielsen Declares Android Winner in the U.S. Smartphone Wars
  • / Technology - Android users hit by malware attacks
  • Google Zaps Rogue Android Apps - Techland -
  • It begins: Verizon slashes prices on all Android phones – MacDailyNews - Welcome Home
Episode 40: Xoom goes the iPad 2

Recorded: Mar. 8, 2011


  • AppleInsider | Gartner lowers PC sales forecast, says Apple's iPad 'redefining' computing
  • Gene Munster of Piper Jaffray says expect no lines for iPad 2 because it's really nothing new like iPad 1 due to 10k outlets having the tablet on day one vs 1800 outlets on iPad 1 launch .... BUT, iPad 1 had pre-orders, iPad 2 does not, which should create lines, yes? Now we have iPad 2 lines forming in Texas and the Carolina's. Gazelle has over a $1 million in tablet payments via their trade-in service


  • RUMOR: iPhone 5 to get aluminum backing – MacDailyNews - Welcome Home
  • Sprint and T-Mobile are in merger talks, according to Bloomberg
  • Android switchers? Big moves from Verizon users to iPhones?


  • Estimate: Apple moved 1.1 million MacBook Airs in the fall | Electronista
  • Howard Stern dumps Windows for Macs on his show
  • Adobe delivers Flash to HTML5 conversion software called Wallaby


  • Marvell says RIM backing away from high-end smartphones | Electronista
  • Nielsen Declares Android Winner in the U.S. Smartphone Wars
  • / Technology - Android users hit by malware attacks
  • Google Zaps Rogue Android Apps - Techland -
  • It begins: Verizon slashes prices on all Android phones – MacDailyNews - Welcome Home
Episode 39: Apple Special Event: iPad-a-paluza

Recorded: Mar. 2, 2011

- Pad 2 Special Event

  • Apple iPad 2: What You Need to Know: Apple News, Tips and Reviews «
  • iOS 4.3 to Launch on March 11th - Mac Rumors
  • Apple - iPad - View the technical specifications for iPad.
  • MOTOROLA XOOM - Android Smart Tablet - Tech Specs - Motorola Mobility, Inc. USA
  • Why the iPad 2 Won’t Include Thunderbolt – Stephen Foskett, Pack Rat
  • First-Generation iPad Prices Reduced by $100 - Mac Rumors
  • Tidbits: iPad 2 Mic, No iOS 4.3 for CDMA iPhone, iMovie and GarageBand Compatibility - Mac Rumors

- Lion Preview

  • AppleInsider | Articles tagged Inside Mac OS X Lion
  • Apple - Mac OS X Lion


  • Android Developers Unionize to Put Pressure on Google | Android Phone Fans
  • Windows 8 tablet UI said due in June with Apple, WP7 cues | Electronista
  • It's unofficial: dedicated gaming devices may be losing out to phones
  • Random House makes entire US catalog of 17,000 ebooks available on Apple’s iBookstore – MacDailyNews - Welcome Home 
Episode 38: Mystery Port, iPad 2

Recorded: Feb. 22, 2011


  • WORLD EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Apple Boss Steve Jobs Unsteady On His Feet Day Of Treatment At Cancer Center | Radar Online
  • Obama to Meet With Top Silicon Valley Executives -
  • A Detailed Followup to Wired’s “101 Ways to Save Apple” From 1997 | Cult of Mac
  • Why Google’s One Pass Could Be a Ticket to Nowhere: Tech News and Analysis «


  • Study: iOS users 'more valuable' than Android users | Electronista
  • AT&T CEO says App Store is bad for consumers
  • iPhone versus iPhone: Ars puts Verizon and AT&T to the test
  • NYT: Yes to Cheaper iPhone, No to “iPhone nano” | Mac|Life
  • ARM Eagle becomes Cortex-A15, promises up to 2.5GHz | Electronista
  • PowerVR 6 graphics promise 100X boost to future iPhones | Electronista


  • Use of Apple’s revolutionary iPad surging in workplace; Microsoft scared – MacDailyNews - Welcome Home
  • iPad 3 to get 2048×1536 Display, A Bigger iPod touch? | PadGadget
  • Could the iPad 2 Be Getting Light Peak? - Mac Rumors
  • iPhone 5 and iPad 3 to Feature New A5 processor, iPad 2 will Come with Older A4 | PadGadget


  • Analyst: Apple’s Mac December Growth Outpaces PC Seven-Fold | Cult of Mac
  • New MacBook Pros Likely to Launch on Thursday, February 24th - Mac Rumors
  • New MacBook Pros to Carry Larger Trackpads, Dedicated SSD for Mac OS X? - Mac Rumors
  • Apple to Update iMac Alongside or Soon After MacBook Pro? - Mac Rumors
  • AppleInsider | Apple looking to increase battery life with dense lithium cells
Episode 37: Nokia Phone 7

Recorded: Feb. 15, 2011

  • Apple Launches App Store Subscriptions
  • Apple’s revolutionary Mac App Store regards customers as honest
  • Facebook Moves to Disallow Apps From Running Google Ads | Liz Gannes | NetworkEffect | AllThingsD


  • RUMOR: Apple’s next-gen iPhone to feature 4-inch Retina display
  • AppleInsider | Apple to expand reach with new smaller iPhone, enhanced MobileMe
  • Smaller iPhone to Eliminate Storage, Rely on Cloud-Based Content? - Mac Rumors
  • Apple Is Revamping Notification System For iOS [Exclusive] | Cult of Mac
  • AppleInsider | Verizon brings iPhone 4 to several new states
  • Nokia starts huge restructuring plan, rules out Android | Electronista
  • Open Letter from CEO Stephen Elop, Nokia and CEO Steve Ballmer, Microsoft | Nokia Conversations
  • Microsoft paying Nokia billions to adopt Windows Phone ’07
  • Windows Phone 7 gets webOS multitasking, IE9, Kinect hooks | Electronista
  • Analysts: Nokia’s Move to Microsoft Only Strengthens Apple | Cult of Mac
  • Intel 'not blinking' on MeeGo, Nokia workers in protest | Electronista


  • RUMOR: HP TouchPad to start at $699, launch in June


  • AppleInsider | Apple's new MacBook Pros in production, due by early March - sources
  • Rack Your Mac mini Like An XServe With The Rack Mini | Cult of Mac
Episode 36: Pre-3PO

Recorded: Feb. 9, 2011


  • WWDC 2011 pegged for 5th through 9th of June? | iPodNN
  • iAds more effective than TV advertising, Nielsen finds
  • Gartner: Apple iPhone posted 87.2 percent YOY growth in 2010


  • Verizon iPhone Carries World-Mode 'Gobi' Chip From Qualcomm [Updated] - Mac Rumors
  • Apple Still Holding Second Place Among Global Smartphone Manufacturers - Mac Rumors
  • AppleInsider | Nokia rumored to shift toward Silicon Valley, Windows Phone 7 [u]
  • Bloodbath: 54% of Verizon’s Android, BlackBerry users likely to upgrade to iPhone on day one
  • Nokia talking Android and WP7 deals, may have news Friday | Electronista
  • First Look: How Mobile Safari supports AirPlay video streming
  • Consumer Reports: “Key Technical Differences” Make The Verizon iPhone A Winner | Cult of Mac
  • Nokia CEO: Apple Owns the High-End Smartphone Market | Cult of Mac


  • Android 2.4 see in April, may keep phones, tablets divided | Electronista
  • NFL teams considering replacing playbooks with Apple iPads
  • HP Announces WebOS-Based TouchPad Tablet, Pre 3 and Veer Smartphones - Mac Rumors
  • iPad 2 shows Tim Cook is Apple’s new ninja
  • Apple preparing iPad 3 for September?


  • New MacBook Pros may be on the way for March
  • Dell Adamo, spunky MacBook Air rival, is no more


  • AppleInsider | Apple's iPod classic 5th most popular media player in 2010, unlikely to go away
Episode 29: Podcaster of the Year

Recorded: Dec. 16, 2010

  • Steve Jobs Denied Time’s Person Of The Year Award By Mark Zuckerberg


  • There is some OS X in Apple’s NC Data Center 
  • Apple, Microsoft, others acquire Novell patents for $450 million


  • iTunes climbs to 66% of digital music market, according to NPD. Grew 3.3% YOY
  • Apple will help you share and purchase apps

Apple TV

  • Netflix/ABC/Disney streaming deal will bring TV all-you-can-eat to Apple TV
  • Apple issues Apple TV update to resolve resolution, download issues
  • NFL Sunday Ticket coming to AppleTV (and others)


  • Millenial Media: Apple still top manufacturer, devs heading to Android in 2011. Devs already have iOS apps, so they are planning to add Android apps, which they may or may not do.
  • Does Verizon need iPhone more than it has been letting on?
  • 4G LTE Verizon iPhone 4 rumored to debut immediately after Christmas
  • How many Verizon iPhones will Apple sell next year?
  • RIM's BlackBerry rapidly lost Verizon share to Android - RIM ships 14.2 million BB's in their Nov quarter - All RIM is almost dead, it will be Apple vs Android, with a dark horse Microsoft
  • Next iPhone’s Graphics To Get Even More Realistic Thanks To Imagination’s Caustic Acquisition


  • RIM posts impressive earnings, co-CEO says PlayBook "way ahead" of iPad
  • Microsoft to Announce New Slates Aimed at the iPad
  • 'Tron Legacy' to Premiere as First iAd for iPad
  • iPad Hits 50,000 Apps Milestone in Only Eight Months
  • Changewave: Corporate Tablet adoption could double next quarter
  • Apple Expecting 6 Million iPad 2 Orders Per Month?
  • Infinity Blade Sales Cross 274,000 Earns $1.64 Million In Just 5 Days


  • Mac App Store: No Game Center, In App Purchases
  • Apple may drop NVIDIA for Sandy Bridge's IGP next year
  • New Flash 10.2 to see 10x improvement in performance
  • Next iMac, MacBook Pro seen with redesigns in 1st-half 2011
  • Mac App Store Will Open On January 6
Episode 28: Activate This

Recorded: Dec. 8, 2010


  • Now activating 300,000 Android phones per day so tweeted Andy Rubin.


  • Verizon may pay Apple to keep iPhone away from T-Mobile, Sprint


  • ‘Official’ ABBA app is singalong-friendly


  • non-issue alert: No Retina Display for iPad 2?
  • non-issue alert: AMO-DEAD, iPad 2 will use LCD
  • RIMM's playbook will not undercut iPad at a $399 price point so says AppleInsider...


  • non-issue alert: Rumor: Mac App Store ahead of schedule, launch imminent
  • What replaces the Xserve?
  • Apple’s Xserve axing raises enterprise ire - rumors sales force telling folks to "hold on! Something new in the works!"


  • First look: Android 2.3 Gingerbread tour in screenshots
  • Google’s eBookstore Brings 3+ Million Books to iPad & iPhone
  • Google announces Chrome and ChromeOS updates - More vaporware now with vaporware updates!?
  • Android 3.0 aka 'Honeycomb' Makes a Surprise Appearance on Prototype Motorola Tablet at All Things D Mobile
Episode 27: Tremors

Recorded: Dec. 3, 2010

Motorola Droid

  • Apple adds 12 new patents to lawsuit against Motorola
  • New Motorola Android Droid blows up in Texan's ear.
  • Droid Does: Explosions...

Point of Sale & iOS

  • POS for Old Navy and GAP with iPod touch - Apple's own software.

Apple TV2

  • Second Generation Apple TV having streaming issues,
  • HDMI handshakes between device and HDTV's
  • Version 4.1 has not resolved the issues.

Smartphone Stats

  • Blackberry overtakes Apple iOS in US internet mobile usage. Web browsing share, slightly ahead of Apple
  • Info from Stat Counter — unknown how big their slice of the web stats world is, or if it is skewed.
  • Also Apps are eating away at needing to browse web on iPhones so web browsing may be less because of that.
  • iPhone passed RIM to be the #1 smartphone in the US.


  • EA says Apple has a great shot at entering in the gaming console market - if it wants to do so.


  • Howard Stern coming to iTunes? A short tweet from Siri_Stock stated Howard Stern on the verge of signing a $600 million 3 year agreement with Apple to host an internet/TV/iTunes broadcast.
  • Is Apple considering getting into being an exclusive content provider?
  • Will Howard "legitimize" podcasting — as if he legitimized Satellite radio.


  • Amazon's best selling Electronics: Apple TV #13 - Google TV: #430
  • iPad catching up to Kindle: Changewave's latest survey of more than 2,800 customers, Kindle is dwindling lead vs iPad. 
Episode 26: Shaqalicious

Recorded: Nov. 29, 2010


  • Apple halts sale of unauthorized Steve Jobs ‘action figure’

Exclusive Mac Content

  • Beatles
  • Richard Branson launching iPad-only magazine ‘Project’ next week
  • Project iPad magazine goes live tomorrow with Tron cover
  • Apple and News Corp Set to Launch Joint Newspaper App  only updated once a day.

iPad on carrier subsidies

  • iPad now free in Japan with $56/month plan
  • Now Three offers cut price iPad on contract
  • Orange and T-Mobile set to offer 3G iPad on contract in UK, £200 price rumored

iPad Interest Increasing

  • Financial Service Firms Lead iPad Enterprise Adoption
  • The current state of Mac use in higher education  
  • iPad, #1 Gadget for the Holiday Season?
  • Oprah Declares the iPad her most “Favorite Thing Evah!”
  • Nielsen Survey Says The iPad Is A More Desirable Electronic To Kids Than A Nintendo DS
  • NPD: 11% of consumers likely to purchase Apple iPad by February 2011
  • Tablets like Apple's iPad expected to 'displace' 10% of PCs in 2014
  • Foxconn adds new production plants to meet demand for Apple's iPad

iOS 4.3 rumored for mid December, adds in-app subscriptions

More Android Fragmentation

  • Angry Birds maker apologizes for Android fragmentation issues
  • No Netflix on Android because of security, lack of DRM, and fragmentation

Developers Fear Phone 7 Flop, hold back investment

  • Windows Phone 7 developers fear platform flop

iPhone Users Have Highest Loyalty

  • Apple iPhone user loyalty twice that of Android

Macbook Airs Just As Popular

  • Apple's 11-inch MacBook Airs 'flying off the shelves' alongside iPad

Macs Make Money

  • Mac pricing gives Apple top dollar share in U.S. home PC market
  • Analyst: 8.2 Macs, 8.8 iPads sold per hour per Apple Retail Store on Black Friday

More Apple News

  • Apple poaching members of BlackBerry-maker RIM’s enterprise sales team for iPhone business sales
  • Apple tops PCWorld’s 2010 Reliability and Service Survey in desktops, notebooks, and smartphones
  • Stifel raises Apple estimates; downgrades BlackBerry-maker RIM



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