Optimizing Your Social Media Posts

No matter if you are a digital marketer or writer, you are certainly spending numerous hours to build something unique and to bring your ideas into life. After that, you surely want your content to be popular and seen by as many people as possible, but often times that is very difficult thing to do. Writing something special that will get people`s attention is not easy and can be very challenging, but rewards can be good if done right. If you want your content to be seen by plenty of people, you need to do some tweaks and edits here and there for bigger reach. Optimizing and editing are very important things to do for social media posts, yet many people tend to overlook that. In order to help you, here we present you what you can do to properly optimize edits for social media posts.

  • Boost curiosity with your posts. This is powerful and very effective technique that will make your posts popular. By building curiosity you are increasing the chances of people engaging in meaningful conversations. Trigger people`s curiosity by teasing their gap in knowledge, but do not overdo it.
  • Use second person when writing posts. Use pronouns such as “you” and “yours” in order to connect with the audience. Using such pronouns adds personal note to posts and entices action and engagement.
  • Keep things simple. Social media posts should not be a work of art or written as if they were created by Nobel Prize writer. People`s attention spans are very short when going online, so do not use long posts that are difficult to understand. The simpler, the better. If you struggle coming up with ideas, search online for blogs that feature other users like in this example for Snapchat porn. You will achieve great effect if your posts are short and precise. Use simple words and shorter sentences. Sometimes one or two words, short captions or a couple of sentences can get the job done.
  • Treat every social media post as a story. Short stories are ideal for establishing great connection with audience. They attract readers and increase the engagement rates. Remember that next time you plan to post something new on social media platforms.
  • Always focus on your readers. When you work on creating new social media posts, keep your reader`s interests in mind first. Online competition for attracting readers is very strong, so you must have people`s interests first when you write something to attract them. If you want your posts to stand out among the rest and to be seen by plenty of people, try creating something with your readers in mind. For example, if you plan to post something about launching new service or product, write the post in a way in which people can relate and find it useful for them. The post should be about why people should care about the things you offer and how they can be helpful to them. That will certainly attract them more towards your posts and your content will instantly become more popular.