Podcast History

Listening to a podcast is among the favorite pastimes of the people. Podcasts come in different categories, including love, health, self-help, and more. So, you can choose a podcast that suits your needs. Podcasts can offer you helpful information and entertainment. It can make you feel good and learn essential techniques to improve your life. Meanwhile, let us learn about the history of the podcast.

Podcasting was established by former MTV video jockey Adam and software developer Dave Winer way back in 2004. Curry has a program known as iPodder, which allows him to download internet radio broadcasts to his iPod automatically. Some developers discovered upon his idea until podcasting was born.

Podcasting is free from the regulation of the government. Podcasters are not required to get a license to broadcast their programming. Meanwhile, podcasting conforms to Copyright law. Podcasts are used for educational and informational purposes. Some companies also use podcasts for a profitable business. To help you understand more about the history of the podcast, consider the following timeline.

2004 – The beginning

Dave Winner and Adam Curry are credited as the inventor of podcasting.

The term

The podcasting term was mentioned in The Guardian newspaper article by Ben Hammersley.

First services

The first podcast service provider was the Liberated Syndication (Libsyn.com).

2005 – Quit your day job

In 2005, Ron Bloom and Adam Curry have Podshow, and Quit your day job is batted around.

First People’s Choice Award

Leo Laporte published the first episode of This Week in Tech. Then, the This Week in Tech receivers its first People’s Choice Award during the Podcast Awards.

First Book

The first book about podcasting was published in 2005, written by Todd Cochrane. It was entitled Podcasting: Do-it-yourself Guide.


In 2005, the Apple iTunes 4.9 was launched with native support for the podcasting industry.

Presidential podcast

In 2005, the first presidential podcast was released wherein George W. Bush becomes the first President to deliver his weekly address through the podcast.

Podcast search

Yahoo released a podcast search site in 2005. People can subscribe and listen.

Six Figure $$

Mommycast inks the six-figure deal with Dixie.


The podcast is recognized as the word of the year in 2005 by the New Oxford American Dictionary.

2006 – Mugglecast

The Mugglecast wins in 2006 at the People’s Choice Award at the Podcast Awards.

Steve Jobs

In 2006, Steve Jobs, the Apple CEO, demonstrated how to make a podcast through Garageband in his keynote.

Blubrry Directory

In 2006, the Blubrry Podcast Directory was released.

2007 – Keith and the Girl

Keith and the Girl wins at the People’s Choice Award in 2007 at Podcast Awards.

World Record

Ricky Gervais sets a Guinness World Record in 2007 for being the most downloaded podcast about 261,670 each episode in the first month.


Google bought FeedBurner for 100 million. Feedburner is the service used by many podcasters to make iTunes compliant RSS feed.

Yahoo -2007

Yahoo closes its podcast directory.

In today’s modern and digital generation, the industry of podcasts continues to rise.