Podcast Starter Guide

If you are a beginner or pro in podcasting, you must have the best equipment. To guide you, the following are the best podcasting equipment you need.

  • Computer

A computer is essential for recording and uploading your mp3 files. You must have a quality computer for your podcasting habit.

  • Microphone

It is not advisable to use the built-in microphone of your computer. You must have a USB microphone. Meanwhile, if you need more flexibility, you can prefer one or more microphones that come with XLR output. You can have dynamic or condenser mics for good audio quality.

  • Mixer

The mixer provides more control over inputs, levels, outputs, and more. It is also essential if you have call-in guests.

  • Audio interface

The audio interface is the bridge between your computer and the microphone. It converts the mic’s analog signal into a digital signal that can be used by the computer.

  • Windscreen/ pop filter

The windscreen or pop filter can reduce or avoid plosives.

  • Headphones

With headphones, you can avoid several retakes and mistakes. You can opt for closed-back headphones for recording. You must prevent using open-back headphones while recording because the mic can pick up the sound.

  • Headphone amplifier

You can use a headphone amplifier if you have many hosts. It can be a headphone amplifier and splitter.

Other types of equipment that you may need for podcasting include mic stands, shock mount, microphone cables, acoustic treatment, editing software, podcast hosting, website hosting, and more. With the best equipment, you can have more convenient podcasting.