What Are the Best Podcasts for Relationships?

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Everyone wants to be in a happy relationship. However, there is no perfect relationship. You can always encounter problems and challenges with your partner. If you are currently experiencing problems with your love partner, don’t worry because there are alternative solutions to that. You can still improve the status of your relationship with the help of the best podcasts for relationships. The following podcasts can provide you with the best tips to improve your relationship.

  1. Where Should We Begin?

Where Should We Begin is a podcast by Esther Perel. It talks about real relationships in real-time. The famous relationship therapist’s guests are couples who deal with intimacy problems, loss, and divorce to discuss some struggles. Whatever the topic is, Esther’s advice can resonate with you every time. If you are having trouble with your partner, you can solve it by applying some techniques you can learn from this podcast.

  • Why Won’t You Date Me?

Are you wondering why no one seems to want to date you? Then, the Why Won’t You Date Me podcast is for you. It is hosted by Nicole Byer, who is a comedian. The host sits down with the guests and discuss different topics polyamory, blow jobs, dealing with intimacy anxieties, and finding dates on Craigslist. This can help you to overcome your fear of commitment. It can also help you to understand more about relationship issues. With that, you will know how to deal with your relationship in the best possible manner.

  • Relationship Alive

The Relationship Alive is a podcast hosted by Neil Sattin, who is a strategic intervention coach. He examines relationships from aspects of chemistry, energies, and actions. Every week, Sattin has a soothing voice that attracts experts to counsel on universal and tricky topics about relationships. These topics include breaking free from toxic relationships or unhealthy patterns. You will also learn about surviving infidelity.

  • Empowered Relationship Podcast

If you want to turn relationship struggles to opportunities, the Empowered Relationship Podcast is for you. It can help you with relationship intimacy, success, and satisfaction. In this podcast, you can learn about the techniques of resolving hardships and conflicts. If you want to enhance your intimate connection with your love partner, this podcast will not fail you. The relationship advice in this podcast can motivate, inspire, guide, and empower you with your love relationship.

  • Breakup BOOST Relationship Advice

The breakup BOOST Relationship Advice is the best podcast for those who want to move on after a heartbreak. If you are suffering from breakup and feeling hopeless because the one you love doesn’t love you anymore, this podcast can be your effective partner. If you miss your ex or feeling like it is the end of the world, Trina’s breakup BOOST podcast can give you hope. You can learn the best solutions to your relationship problems and heal your heart in the best possible way. You can also learn how to attract the partner you crave.

With these best podcasts for relationships, you can positively deal with a breakup.